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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Illnesses, Vogue Knitting, and Candace Flynn

In the effort to blog something (because I haven't blogged anything), I thought I'd bring you a totally random collection of stuff from my week.

Alex has been pretty sick since Wednesday and I've had to sit with him at the ER and the Urgent Care center, twice in the last three days.  Not because he was on the verge of death or anything...  He looked like he was having another episode of low blood sugar and I was instructed to take him directly to Hasbro to have specific tests done (because they have the best lab available), so I did.  However, when we got down there he started to spike a fever and he got sick in the triage room.  His blood sugar was really good, so they figured he just had a virus and that was the cause of the symptoms.  We took him home and kept him out of school for two days (until he was fever-free for 24 hours).

Yesterday I sent him to school and they called me at 2:30 to tell me that he was in the nurses office with a bad headache.  I went down to get him and they told me that he'd gotten sick in the office.  I tried to get an appointment at his pediatrician's office but they were booked solid, so I had to take him into Urgent Care instead.  Poor guy got sick 5 times in 2 hours, and his fever kept coming and going.  They aren't sure what's going on, and they suggested that I watch him over night and bring him back in again today.  Naturally, he feels just find this morning.  I'm gonna watch him for a little while and bring him in later.

In other news, I was stalking Cascade Yarn's website to see if my Heritage Silk mitten pattern had been released yet when I found a link on their site to the latest Vogue news letter.  Vogue featured several Cascade Yarns free patterns in their news letter, and my Quilt and Cable Blanket was among the group of patterns to be selected!  How flippin cool is that?!  I don't even know how to contain myself.  If you haven't made one, now's the season for it...and it's only 4 skeins of Eco wool.

Speaking of patterns, I've got one coming up on the 21st (another design for the Super Sock Scarefest 2011) and another that should be ready for release soon.  I've been working on this one off-and-on since March.  I just worked out a design issue, and now I just have to go back and fix the pattern to reflect the changes.  This is my first mini-collection and I'll be releasing them when I debut my brand.  Keep a look out, cause these are gonna be cool!

Finally, if you've read this blog for any length of time, you'll know that I'm a huge Phineas and Ferb fan (don't judge me...)  I was watching the episode where Candace is given a super-growth formula and grows to 50 ft tall.  Before that she went to the Flawless Girl (think spoof of Cover Girl) audition to try out for the new spoke-woman job.  She didn't meet the criteria (being at least 5' 10"), and in her despair she hollers "I'll always be two inches too ugly!" lol.  It reminded me of my hormonal rant last week...nice to be able to laugh at ourselves (and at cartoons).

Monday, October 3, 2011

Man, I love colorwork!

This, folks, is the Takoma sweater with just about three motifs completed.  You can see where I'll be cutting this baby when I finish.  I wish I could describe what it is about colorwork that I find so appealing, because I know that many people out there think it's difficult and I'd really like to change that misconception. 

I love watching a picture grow off my knitting needles.  I love how the little squares on the graph exactly match the little stitches on my needles.  I always know where I stand with colorwork.  You know if there's a mistake because you can easily see it in your work.  You can take it a row at a time, and an individual repeat at a time (unless you're me, in which case you have to finish an entire row before you can put it down).  You can be surprised by the way some colors play well together despite your expectations, and how others simply don't work out.  It's sort of like paint-by-numbers, only with yarn.

Don't be afraid to do colorwork.  Give it a try.  Just two strands of yarn and your needles.  Start with something simple like a hat or a mitten or sock, and work your way out.  Check out the blog tutorials, the youtube videos, the articles in knitting magazines.  Take a class at your LYS (I taught one last week).  Just try it!  Cut yourself a break, accept that your tension is going to be wonky on the first project, and have fun with the process.  You might just surprise yourself and find that you've got a natural talent for it, and next thing you know, you're knitting a fair-isle pullover, lol.  Or not, but at least you will have given it a try and not let fear hold you back from attempting something that you've always liked the look of, but thought you didn't have the skill set for. 

Now, this week is a crazy homework week for me so don't be surprised if there's a little radio-silence on the blog.  Rest assured, I'll be doing lots and lots of homework, working on my Takoma, and trying to get my latest Scarefest design ready for the October 21st release date :)