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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Drive by posting: a quick update

It's almost that time again people!  Final projects are next week so you know what that means...more posting and knitting, lol.  I swear, I haven't found the connection between the two but I can assure you that there is a strong positive correlation between my final projects and the amount of blog posts/knitting that I get done.  The more stressful my school work is, the more I dive into my knitting to relieve that stress.  This does not make for a very balanced schedule (in bed at 1-ish, up at 6-ish), and eventually I will crash.  So far I'm not living up to my Word-o'-the-year (Balance), and the plans I'm about to lay out aren't going to help either, lol.

My last post mentioned all the trouble I went through to grade my Apogee pattern, and right after I saw that post, I read a tweet from Rock + Purl talking about plans to offer a class on pattern grading!  Prayers answered!  So naturally I signed up to be alerted as to when this miracle class will be offered.  But adding more school to my plate isn't the end of it...not by along shot.  Apogee is with the editor and I'm getting ready to start testing, but I still have to knit another prototype because the cast-on numbers changed for my size.  I'm thinking red Cascade 220 Quatros, and maybe doing a cardigan this time.  And then there's that hat I knit a few days ago.  I love it and I'm going to knit it again in Debbie Bliss Riva.  And I just finished a commissioned pair of mittens for a client, and realized that Alex is out growing his mittens.  He want's a pair in crayola green with pirate buttons...so I'll be knitting that too.  Oh, and I didn't forget all about you ladies who have been mostly patiently waiting for me to revise the Blizzard hat from the Blackout in the Blizzard episode of Bones.  That's on my plate too.  And somewhere in this mix, I have to start my husband's Rockaway sweater or he'll divorce me ;)

So, I guess I need to go back and look up the definition of balance.

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