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Friday, March 16, 2012

Checking in from Homeworkville

I'm swamped with homework as usual, and now Dante is also swamped with homework so I'm busy trying to get my own done and to help him manage his work load as well.  So naturally that means that I'm blogging, lol.  And posting random photos of Alex, cause that helps relieve the tension, and really, there's nothing much cuter than a 5-year old in giant headphones and a freshly cut Mohawk, lol.  That was a very productive day for me ;)

This week I've been stressed out with Dante's high school, and upset with the behavioral dynamic of the kids in the back yard.  It really ticks me off when they only play with Alex so they can play with his toys.  As soon as they're done monopolizing his stuff, they go right back to treating him like dirt.  It's hard not to go out and smack one kid in particular, as his mom is useless and he clearly could use a good smack on the butt, but I digress.

In knitting news, one of my testers completed her Apogee pullover and posted pics on Ravelry.  It looks great on her, and it was just the think I needed to lift my mood.  I'm hoping to get the pattern back from the editor soon, and at that point I'll have another update post for The Great Design Project.  Meanwhile, I've been putting a lot of time in on secret projects.  I always wanted to be one of those designer/bloggers that could say that they had secret stuff and couldn't reveal what it was.  It seemed so cool!  It was like being in some exclusive, invite-only club.  I can tell you all, dear readers, that it blows.  I mean, this is a knitting blog (most of the time) and I've done all this knitting this week, and I can't show you ANY OF IT!  I honestly don't know why you guys keep reading this blog, with all the talk of secretive knitting and no production of photographic evidence to prove it, lol. 

That being said, I'm one sample away from completing the knitting portion of one secret project, and I'm about 60% completed with the other.  Then I'm taking a break from submission stuff to work on the backlog of repairs and commissioned work that's sitting beside my couch...looming over my every knitting move.  After a few of those are out of the way, it's on to this for Dante.  Replace the white with red, and you've got yourself a perfect sweater for track season.  Then I've got to start on this for Aaron and maybe at some point I'll finally finish their socks from Christmas 2011.  You know how it is, the knitter's family has no socks/sweaters/mittens/etc.  Looks like I'm going to have to carve out some time to rectify that situation.

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