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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In which I eat my words, and lose hours of my day

 So last night I spent some quality time with my needles and four small balls of various cotton yarns.  I have to say that it was in interesting experience.  I just don't seem to love the feel of cotton yarn gliding through my fingers and it usually feels heavy in large quantities (actual adult sweaters and stuff).  This time, I actually enjoyed working with the green yarn.  It was Classic Silk from Classic Elite Yarns.  It's cotton, silk, and nylon, and it feels a lot like a cotton version of Berroco's Blackstone Tweed.  I really enjoyed working with it but I'm not sure how well it will hold up to to what I'm planning to do.  The Jil Eaton cotton (yellow) showed the texture best but I like the sheen in the Tahki Cotton Classic (purple) and the Gedifra Amara (champagne) although I don't like the feel as much.  I'm not sure if I'll find just the right yarn for this design but I think I need to keep swatching and searching.

So today Alex woke up and his eyes were puffy, red, and sticky.  Our allergies kicked in early this year and he's been taking allergy meds at night to help dry up his nose and deal with the redness in his eyes.  He wakes up every morning with clear eyes and by the end of the day they're all red again.  But today was different so I took him to the pediatrician and discovered that he'd gotten infected and now officially has pink eye.  This weekend his teacher thought he had it and I told her it was his allergy eye (and I still think he didn't have it just yet) but today he does and I'm eating my words.  And as his allergy meds causes him to be especially defiant, it's been an interesting day.  He doesn't handle eye drops well and the thought of needing them makes him panic.  I had to create an incentive plan that would encourage him to allow the drops, and so far so good.  He's home for one more day and then he can return back to school, meanwhile I've got to keep a 5-year old from touching his eyes (yeah, right) and I'm following him all over the house with a can of Lysol spray and hand sanitizer.  This took hours and hours out of my day and I'm trying to get my homework finished.  The pressure led me to blog, lol.

On a positive note, I popped into the shop quickly to see Ann and have her try on my super-secret project.  The sizing is supposed to cover a range of bust measurements and the sample (a medium) covers 36-38.  I've never designed with a 4" range between sizes and I was worried about it.  I'm a 38 and Ann is a 36 so in theory, if the sample fits us both, then it should for the other sizes as well.  And it fit!  It fit us both and looked good on both.  I'm holding out hope that the other sizes will work out as well...in theory.

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