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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Interesting reflections, and stalling

Well people, this makes two posts in the same week so you know what time it is.  Homework time!  And to celebrate homework, I'm once again not doing homework but blogging about nothing of much importance.  I've got my files back from the editor and they need my attention.  I've almost got two complete secret projects, and they need my attention.  I've got contract paperwork to sign and mail out, (you guessed it...needs my attention).  And tomorrow is probably going to be the day we do the photo shoot for the Apogee sweaters.  My hair is a wreck.  My eyebrows need tweezing.  My nails could use a polish.  Apparently I need my attention, lol. 

So after having a difficult day today, dealing with certain kids in class having reverence problems, and others who keep falling asleep during sharing time (leading me to wonder what time they go to sleep on Saturday nights...), I got to deal with my own kid's defiance disorder rearing it's ugly head due to the affects of allergy medication.  The unseasonably warm weather has caused an early and sever start to allergy season in my household, and Alex is getting it pretty bad.  I have two choices: let him suffer with blood-shot, itchy eyes, and runny nose or give him the meds and deal with the bad attitude and defiance.  Neither is tolerable and this spring is not looking like a good one.

Also, I had an interesting realization about this blog.  People read it.  Real people that I actually know.  So when I go to talk to them about the fun stuff in my life, they've already hear.  The surprise is gone.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, lol.  I mean, on one hand I love that people like me enough to want to keep up on what I'm doing, and that people I really love but rarely get to see can stay up to date.  On the other hand, there's this disconnect.  They feel close to me still, but I feel the distance because we don't get to catch up in person.  I sort of need the in-person.  So, I guess I'll need to make an effort to reach out to my buddies who are getting their weekly dose of me through the blog, so I can get the occasional dose of them too :)

Now, I'm off to put Mr. Cranky to bed.

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