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Monday, March 5, 2012

we're so sick

Just popping my head in here to say that we're all suffering from a nasty stomach virus and I won't be posting an update for a while longer.  I spent three days hardly sleeping, and taking my guys to dr.'s offices and emergency rooms (one had to get an IV), and once they were finally starting to feel better, I got sick.  I haven't been sick for years.  I didn't miss it.

I've gone days without even being able to pick up my needles, but before that happened, I was able to write the 1st draft for one of my secret projects, and to submit the pattern for another.  I've got to get cracking once I'm feeling better (hopefully by tomorrow cause I have to work).  But when I *do* get back, I'll have an update for you on the Great Design Project.

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