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Monday, April 23, 2012

The case of the missing mock-ups, lol

My lovely and ever-patient graphic artist, Emily, sent me an email on my birthday telling me that she would have some mock-ups ready for my approval.  I remember being very excited about it.  Then my life went off the rails and I forgot all about it...for almost 6 weeks.  I won't sit here and lie to you, and say that this has never happened before.  She sent me something once before that I forgot all about until she followed up with me 3 weeks later.  I wouldn't have even remembered the cards if she didn't follow up at the end of another email chain, (where we discuss the mock-ups of my pattern layout...which is awesome, by the way!).  I was given a few options for how to work with the layouts but I'm too fried to even know what the heck she's talking about right now, lol.  I'll have to look at it again after some caffeine and a good nights sleep.

So, the moral of this story?  That college and work and kids and other various and assorted responsibilities have finally caught up with me.  That if it weren't for spell check, I'd look like an uneducated idiot (we won't even go into which words I spelled incorrectly, and not because of type-o's).  That I have way too much on my plate right now and things are starting to slip through the cracks.  That even though I only have 12 weeks of school left, I seriously want to throw my hands up and scream "I'm done!", or go off and cry, or first one and then the other.  That I feel like I'm missing what's left of Alex's baby-ness and he's going to be too big to pick up or to sit on the couch and watch cartoons with before I even know what's hit me, and my homework is robbing me of what little time I have left.  And that Emily (my talented and understanding graphic artist) deserves a better client, and a more attentive and less distracted one, or at very least a pair of hand-knit socks!

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  1. Nobody is perfect. Mistakes happen, that don't make you a bad person! Have a rest and enjoy your day!