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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm having a trunk show!!

This Sunday, April 15th I'm having my first trunk show at Slater Mill as part of the grand culmination ceremony for The Great Rhody Yarn Crawl!!  What's a yarn crawl?  It's like a pub crawl, but with yarn shops instead of pubs, lol.  This one is unique because it's strictly Rhode Island shops and if one were so inclined, one could hit every shop in the state in a single day!  I'll be working at Bella Yarns on Friday (most likely) and definitely on Saturday, and then I'll be setting up a booth on Sunday to showcase some of my latest work.  I'll have patterns with me if anyone wants to pick up a hard copy.

I was asked to do the trunk show last weekend, and it was a complete surprise!  I wasn't ready at all.  Thanks goodness FedEx Office will let you upload files and order prints online.  I picked them up at the local office yesterday.  When I walked in, the girl said "are you here to pick up an order that you placed online?"  I was taken aback, but I confirmed her statement.  Then she said "I recognized you from your pictures", lol.  She'd printed so many copies of my patterns that she knew who I was when I walked in the door!  Turns out that Night of the Living Sock was her favorite (and it's one of mine too).

After FedEx, I went into Staples to get page protectors, price stickers, and tags to label my samples.  (I have to go back today for a cash box.)  I was able to order a banner from them for a reasonable price, so I should have a simple indoor banner hanging behind my table (which will hopefully make me look a little more like I was prepared for this, and less like I've been scrambling to toss it all together).  I decided against ordering new cards with my logo on them, because Emily is working on my business cards and I already have a box of old cards sitting around.  I'll just use the ones I have for now. 

Today, I have a ton of school work to do, but all I can think about is that I need to find the office surplus shop so I can get a few legs and a few Styrofoam heads to display my samples.  Because the Bride of Frankenstein sample is going to look terrible if I don't have a leg to put it on, lol.  And I still need to knit a sample for Cocky, and Rhodes' sample is half way across the country right now.  I wonder if my friend Daisy would have time to knit a sock right now? lol.  So much work still left to do.  And since I took the iMac in for repair yesterday, I might just have it back in time to adjust a few of my other patterns and get them printed out before this weekend as well!

So anyway, come on down if you're in the area.  The market place opens at noon and runs until 5pm.  I can't take a credit card yet, but I can take all other forms of payment (including but not limited to: farm-fresh eggs and/or bribes of chocolate) lol.  See you there...bring snacks!  ;)

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