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Monday, May 7, 2012

What else am I doing with my time, you ask?

My friends, it is officially that time.  I'm enjoying a week or so off from school and trying to catch up on sleep (and other long neglected duties like folding laundry and moping my floors).  I've been watching t.v. and enjoying goat and sheep milk cheeses (a total splurge) with crackers and fig spread.  It's the best snack ever!  I'm going to make my mom's spinach dip and eat that with sourdough bread.  And I'm working on my backlog of repair projects.  I've almost finished my 3rd! 

Meanwhile, I was contacted by a yarn company to see if I was interested in designing some small projects with their newest yarn.  I was really excited!  They reached out to me...Cambria...a knitter with 2" of gray-roots showing and partially over-grown eyebrows, and unmopped floors.  I swear, when I read the blogs of other designers, and see how awesome everything looks and how much they manage to produce despite parenting small children, it makes me wonder how they do it all.  Then I remember how much work goes into those photos, and how there's usually a pile of stuff sitting right outside the camera frame (you know, the stuff you moved out of the way so you could take the picture...).  So anyway, I was really honored and excited that they asked me.  And I just spent an hour or so sketching ideas so I can match them up with the swatches.  I hope they like them.

On the parenting front, it's been a most-challenging few weeks.  First the teenager starts acting like a total...teenager.  We had to remove his iPod and internet access for a month or longer because of inappropriate Facebook activities.  Mostly it was because he tried to cover it up when I caught him, with some dumb story that a friend set up the page and was using it, but there was plenty of evidence that he was responsible and I told him flat out that I didn't buy it.  It'll be a long time before he gets back on The Book.  And the other one?...  He's had several difficult days in a row and I'm just not sure exactly what set it off, but I know it resulted in his being sent home from school on Friday (15-minutes after I dropped him off there).  I had to go get him and I was late for class because I had to stop crying before I could get in the car to drive.  It's just one of those things that parents of young children (particularly young children who don't grasp subtle, implied social rules) deal with.  The one thing I didn't coach him on...well he did it.  But we'd just had a team meeting where we discussed his behavior disorder and started putting a plan together to help him be more successful in school, so I think that helped with their decision on how to handle the situation as the principal was in the meeting with the social worker and the special ed teacher so it was fresh in her mind. 

Anyway, after dropping him back home with my husband, I went to work and worked on my Fuzzy Feet (from the last post).  I got to the heel-flap on the second slipper, but that's about it.  However I did find time to discuss it with my friend Daisy and she gave me some great advice on felting them, so I feel better about the idea. 

Oh, and one more thing... I finished formatting the Apogee Cardigan pattern but it took so long and the warm weather is so close that I'm going to hang on to it and release it in the fall.  If anyone is desperate for a copy though, send me an email and I'll send you an invoice and a copy of the pattern.  Otherwise, the mass-release will be in the fall.

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