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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wait, now I'm a lemming

WestKnits Mystery Shawl!
Okay.  So it's the very last day of school and I have to say that it felt really final when I walked Alex to school.  It just felt like there wasn't enough time...for what, I'm not sure...just not enough time.  I decided to take a small handful of my very-unloved-business-cards and write his name and "for summer playdates" on them so he could hand them out to his friends, in the hope that their moms will call at least once this summer.  I doubt it will happen, but at least he can leave school on his last day feeling hopeful that he'll see his friends again before the next school year.  That's the part that always bothered me about the last day of school.  Not seeing my friends for 10 weeks.

Then to soothe my frayed nerves, I decided to troll Ravelry (you know, like I do) and I came across this bad boy right here!  I've admired Steven West for a while now and I've wanted to knit one of his shawls for just about as long.  This is the summer that I make that happen.  I joined the WestKnits Mystery KAL 2012!  Now I'm struggling to pick two colors out of my ridiculous stash of fingering weight yarn.  And trust me...it's ridiculous.  I have two drawers stuffed so full that they can't be properly closed, and a straw basked filled with the overflow, and then there are a few skeins of in-progress sock yarn here and there about the place.  It's a sickness really, and I need to seek help for it.  But when I travel or go to fiber festivals, a single little skein of sock yarn isn't that much money, and it's got limitless possibilities, and it fits so easily in my bag cause it only takes one to knit something, and I can get colors that I'd never feel comfortable wearing on the upper half of my body, and...  You get the idea.  So at this year's Rhode Island fiber fest at Coggeshall Farm, I got three different skeins of fingering weight yarn from the Play At Life Fiber Arts booth, and I'm going to use at least one for this mystery shawl.  And that brings me to the reason for this post's title.  Sign up's close in roughly three weeks, and already there are nearly 300 people signed up for this project!  So I've decided not to do my usual thing, where I fight the urge to do what everyone else is doing just long enough to finally cave right at the point where I definitely look like I've jumped on the bandwagon.  Instead I'm getting a seat on that wagon, nice and early.

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