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Saturday, June 16, 2012

I am now a complete cliche, lol

 Wow.  I had no idea how often I wear that shirt (the one in the photo)...I'm wearing it right now.

Anyway, these beauties are the Ravens in Snow fingerless mitts that I knit for the very talented (and aptly named) Stephannie Talent.  She knits.  She designs.  She's an accomplished tech-editor.  I really enjoyed knitting these and it was fun to watch the ravens forming (although I have to admit that the back side was my favorite).  I like colorwork with shorter floats, lol.  The cuff detail was new for me and I think it turned out pretty well.  These are the same mitts that are featured in the pattern photos :)  I love when I can say stuff like that.  It makes me feel connected to other things and other people.  I'm knitting another pair for her right now in the softest yarn on Earth, but I can't show them to you yet.  But you'll love 'em.

Meanwhile, I've been quite busy.  It's midterm time.  Only my criminal justice class observes midterms (with a formal test and all) so it's a bit new to me.  My psychology classes never made a thing about it, other than to say 'we're halfway through'.  So this week I have a midterm exam, 2000-word paper on an act of school violence (it wasn't hard to choose a topic...my school was involved in one my freshman year), and write a rather involved discussion board post on my state's legal and ethical concerns where behavior analysts are concerned (which I'm training to become).  Then there's all the other stuff like the follow up with Alex's school to review their evaluation (didn't go as well as I hoped), and baking 4-5 dozen cookies for the PTA to sell as the school celebration yesterday (that went over very well), and making time in the schedule so that Alex could ride the carousel with his friends from school.  But my week's not over yet folks...not by a long shot.

Today, I took Alex out and signed him up for the American Youth Soccer Organization's soccer league.  Yep.  I'm a soccer mom.  I'm a (mostly) stay-at-home, knitting, PTA volunteering, cookie baking, play date attending, gardening, canning, 35-year-old soccer mom.  Whatever.  I know my role, and I fill it proudly :)


  1. Love these mitts. You did a beautiful job!Inspired me. Thank You.

  2. These are beautiful mitts! You did a lovely job!