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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

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Today is a big day here in The States, and I always try to remember what Independence Day is really about.  However, 15 years ago today I went into labor in 108 degree heat and spent my entire 4th walking mile after mile trying to deliver a baby (he didn't come until the next day).  It makes me a little bit sad that the 4th of July in my house has become less about the fight for freedom and independence, and instead is more and more about fireworks and a day out of work.  I think that my husband and I need to sit down with my boys and explain what might have happened if things had gone differently for our forefathers; because they've always been Americans, with human and civil rights, and although we've had our financial struggles they've not wanted for much.  And they need to know that our forefathers fought for the very freedoms they now enjoy, so that they can appreciate them.

For my oldest son in particular, the 4th of July is simply the day before his birthday.  It's the reason why most of his friends and family are out of town and why all attempts at birthday parties fail miserably.  It's the reason why he always got stuck with a red white & blue cake on his birthday (we've taken to ordering them really early to remedy this).  It's the reason why everything he wants to do on his birthday is either over crowded (from being closed for a day) or still closed.  It's tough for a 15-year old to see the bigger picture.  If anyone has any ideas for how I can help him learn to love the proximity of his birthday to a major holiday, I'd appreciate it ;)

So that being said, not only will Dante have a birthday tomorrow but so will my mom, as well as my old friend from high school and the first friend I made in Rhode Island.  It's a busy day!  Due to his ADHD, my son still hasn't decided what he wants to do and hasn't invited anyone over (as far as I know) to hang out.  This is pretty typical and I've finally learned not to sweat it.  We'll probably take him to the movies, and I'll be cooking a dinner that he selected.  He got to choose his own cake this year, and I'll be taking him to pick from a variety of prepaid cell phones.  It's time he learn how to use one, and his schedule this school year was crazy.  There were more than a handful of times that I'd wished he had a phone.  Prepaid is a comfortable way for me to introduce him to this added level of responsibility.

But it's time to get to the knitting...after all I know that's why you all come here ;)  I'm working on the left front of the vintage baby sweater right now and I'm ready to add a second ball of yarn.  I'm still not convinced that I love it, but this is exactly what my customer asked for and I guess that's what really matters.  She's also asked for booties and a hat, so I'm not out of the woods yet but the biggest piece is almost finished.  Then I've got to knit socks for Dante to wear on the Pioneer Trek with his Young Men's group.  He needs nylon and wool socks, and a good pair of shoes to hike the six miles.  I looked them square in the eyes and said "I've got the wool socks covered".  They weren't surprised.


  1. Happy Birthday! The monkey's birthday is December 23, so it is always an issue here too -school is out, everyone is scattered into the four winds and we are too - usually we are traveling for the holidays. When he was little had bigger parties we would do it in November or January.

  2. Hey there! I just stumbled on your blog and its so adorable! I'd love it if we followed each other:)

    Shelby xoxo