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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who's got class? I got class!

Today my dear readers, I signed up for a design and grading class taught by the multi-talented Ruth of Rock + Purl!  I wanted to sign up for the first round, but I was way too distracted with trying to finish up this Bachelor's degree in psychology ;)  As most of you remember, (and if you don't, click on that pretty little button on the sidebar that says 'The Great Design Project'), I really struggled with my first sweater design.  The design came easy and knitting my sample was a synch, but trying to grade that monster into multiple sizes was a literal nightmare.  I learned a whole lot about how to approach a design, but I know I could be doing things more simply with some instruction.  Ruth is a very talented designer/technical editor/knitter with designs appearing just about everywhere, including on the cover of the most recent Knitscene magazine (Fall 2012).  If anyone can teach me how to size a pattern up and down without wanting to rip my eyes out, it's her, lol. 

Classes start soon (I swear, I knew exactly when before I started writing his post, lol) so be on the lookout for a brand spanking new design at some point in the not so distant future!  Oh, and then there's the new sock pattern I'm working on for the 2012 round of Super Sock Scarefest!  I have to say, I'm super excited about this one.  It's an idea I had left over from the 2011 round, and I had the yarn sitting here in my stash, just waiting for me to wind it up.  Last year I never got this design off the ground because I just didn't know for sure where I wanted it to go.  This year, I know right where I'm heading and I've been busy working on it at night.  If I can just get Alex's sock off the needles, I can start knitting the prototype! 

In other news, I'm almost finished with the second clue in the West Knits mystery shawl.  I took it with me in the car today, while my husband drove me into Pawtucket to look at a new bike.  I found a Schwinn Beach Cruiser listed on Craig's List for about 1/4 of the original price (I know because I priced bikes and almost passed out).  We went out and I was pleased with what I saw.  It's black and cream, has fat tires, 7-gears, hand brakes, and she had a milk crate on it which she tossed in for free, lol.  I plan to get a rear-view mirror and an actual basket for the bike, but the crate will do for now.  Anyway, after we got home I put Alex on his bike and we rode down the path to a nice little playground where he played till dark clouds rolled in, and I happily knit along on the second clue.  I think I'll finish it tomorrow in class.

Now, before I wrap this up I want to remind everyone about the name-that-vest contest, lol.  I've gotten a few names on my Facebook page and I'm excited!  Let's keep 'em coming. 

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