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Friday, August 17, 2012

Medals, & pattern names & giveaways, oh my!

Look what I got!!  I finished that giant pain of a sweater on the last possible day, at 4:05pm EST, and I got this awesome gold medal for my efforts.  I'm really proud of this one.  I used every last scrap of yarn I could find and took a little from the closest color match I had in the house to finish the collar.  If you aren't looking for it, you won't even see it (only now you probably will because I said something about it...).  And best of all, he loves it and it fits.  The sleeves are a bit long as is the body.  He questioned me about that, and I told him that he was still growing and I wanted to make darn sure it would fit for a few seasons.  I'm never knitting that pattern again! 

And here's the sweater in question.  I changed the neck shaping from a v-neck to a crew neck so that I could replace the letter J with this nifty monogram, which I found in a book of needle point lettering that Naomi lent to me.  The DW was in the book, just like this, so we figured that it was meant to be.  I needed a third color for the W and he decided on white.  I don't really think it shows up very well but he loves it so...  The sleeve with the extra stripes was a modification which I'd hoped would help me stretch the gray a little farther.  I also made the red stripes on the collar and button bands wider for the same reason.  I got lucky and had the buttons in the house for a project which never got off the ground.  I had just enough and they went pretty well with the sweater.  And now...let's look at the back!

The flying foot of Mercury was the big selling feature for this sweater, since The Boy runs track.  It was a pain to knit, but somehow still fun.  Charts get me.  I think the top of the wing was supposed to reach the top of his shoulder, but I had to adjust the gauge to 22 sts per 4" to size this down enough to fit him.  The smallest size was a 40" chest (which I followed), and after my adjustments I got it down to a 36" chest.  It fits him well, and I expect to see it on him a lot in the upcoming indoor track season.  I'll try to get photos of him wearing it so you can get the full effect.

Meanwhile, back in test-knit land, things seem to be going pretty well and we actually have a name for the Unnamed Vest.  In a close race, the winner was Traci.  She gets bragging rights, and a free copy of the pattern when it's released.  So the Unnamed Vest is now named...Jardin de Vignes.  Thanks a bunch to everyone who suggested names, and voted.  They were all much better than what I'd come up with, lol.

P.S.- I have inherited a large knitting library from my best-buddy-in-the-world, and some were repeats.  She has kindly allowed me to offer them up in blog giveaways, so be on the look out for some sweet knitting books!


  1. This is fantastic! I expect to see him wearing it at activities this Fall.

  2. Love the sweater! Nicely done and congratulations on your gold medal!!

  3. This is a great sweater - would really love to see the owner in it! I found your blog through the Flytribe site (from Kelly Rae Roberts' group) really great new site design and I absolutely love the header image - great for a knitter!!