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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Behold the cuteness

Our cat, Eddie, has developed an unhealthy obsession with my knitting bag.  He's practically laying inside it here, right next to the Eco Wool and my husband's Rockaway sweater-in-progress.  Then, Alex decided to put his Spongebob blanket over Eddie and he just stayed there.  We must have the most laid back cat ever.

This last two weeks have been all about swatching.  I've knit at least 15 swatches this week (no exaggeration) for various different projects.  I've got a few submissions in the works, and I had to swatch over and over again for the design I'm working on in Grading Class. 

See, the yarn I originally chose was beautiful and would have been perfect for this design but somehow I got sucked in by the pretty golden-yellow and forgot that I can't wear that color.  I swatched and sketched and plotted and just about had it ready to go.  Then it hit me.  I don't know what the heck I was thinking!  So I swatched gain and again with two alternate yarns I had in stash, and while I discovered a few lovely things about those yarns which I'll be putting to good use in the future, they weren't right for this design.  One yarn looked beautiful in the stockinette stitch while it just lacked something in the pattern stitch.  The other yarn was just the opposite.  Eventually I gave up and went into the shop where I grabbed a skein of a very pretty new yarn in a much more appropriate color for my skin tone.  This one was close in texture and blend to my original yarn choice, and the stitch definition was stunning!  The stockinette stitches were crisp and the pattern stitches were pretty.  This yarn is more expensive than any I've used before, and I'm going to have to get very creative in order to get the amount I'll need for this design, but if I can pull this off it'll be worth it.

So for now, I can't really show you anything interesting but there's a lot more cuteness where this came from, lol.

ps-  Quick reminder to Rhiana, if you're reading this.  Please touch base with me by tomorrow night or I'll need to pull another number for the Elsebeth Lavold book.


  1. Hi Cambria, I love your new blog and website, you're the one who's amazing! Thanks for stopping by my little whimsical warren. xo

  2. Love the post! My cat is not nearly as laid back, but she sure does love wool and any yarn she can get her paws on. She loves to fall asleep in the home made afghans I've made!