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Thursday, September 6, 2012

First day of 1st grade

Today is the day that this little man has been waiting for, for weeks and weeks now.  Summer lasted just a bit to long for him (and for me if we're being honest here, lol).  He asked me every few days "when does school start?" and "is it school yet?".  Today was the day. 

He's here in his brand new outfit, courtesy of Grandma.  He's got his old backpack for now and inside is his folder, his "home lunch" (as he calls it), his pencil case full of crayons, color pencils, erasers, and a glue stick, and a plastic bag full of his allergy medications to leave at school.  It was crazy this morning, writing his name on two inhalers, an aero chamber, a box of eye drops, and an Epi Pen Jr.  It was even more crazy to walk into this school and discover that his principal, secretary, school nurse, and just about all other staff except for the teachers have been replaced.  It took all last school year to break everyone in, and now they're all new again and I'm starting from scratch.  Thank goodness the LEA is the same.  At least one person is familiar with his case.

This is Emily, Alex's girlfriend from Kindergarten, lol.  He was so excited to see her in his line and they happily posed for pictures.  Then...the teacher came by and double checked names, and we found out that she's in the other 1st grade class.  He was really bummed out.  To make matters worse, the little girl next door (the one we don't like at all and is always mean to Alex...) she's in his class.  But his school is pretty good about letting the same grade classes do things together so he'll get so spend some time with Emily anyway.

We had his sensory screening on Tuesday and he definitely has some sensory processing issues involving food and physical movement.  He'll start therapy at Meeting Street soon, doing individual therapy once a week and group therapy to help him improve his eating habits.  They will also give us a list of accommodations that I can take back to the school, so that they can add the accommodations to his case and hopefully he'll have a great year in school once that's done.  I sure hope so, because he deserves it.  He's the happiest, most vibrant, sweetest, most generous kid and I want the best for him.  Now, I'm going to go take another codeine for this tooth pain (dentist appointment gone wrong) and knit him a new hat!

p.s.  Dante is now officially taller than me, by 1/4".

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