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Monday, September 3, 2012

second attempt at a book giveaway

If you recall, I was trying to give away a copy of Debbie Bliss' Classic Knits for Kids but I couldn't reach the winner.  So, being that I really want to give a book away on this blog, I'm going to go back up into the random box 'o books and pull another one.  After all, I recently passed 2000 unique downloads of my Quilt and Cable blanket (designed for Cascade Yarns) and I'm excited about it.  If I try hard enough, I can always find something to celebrate ;)

photo courtesy to Cascade Yarns
So,  let's see what I can pull out of the box today...(footsteps of me walking up the stairs and rifling through the box)...and I'm back!  I found a great book that goes great with a giant cabled blanket.  I've got a copy of Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Patterns for Knitting, Inspiration and Projects for Today's knitter.  This book is amazing!  There are actual patterns to knit from contained in the book, but much of it is instructional.  Elsebeth takes the time to discuss each cable, where they were commonly found and what they meant.  Each one is charted out next to the section on it's history.  One could easily take the cables and pop them into their favorite modern-fitting pullover or cardigan, if one were so inclined ;)

photo courtesy of Barnes & Nobel.com

So, leave me a comment (with contact info this time so I can reach you if you're chosen by the random number bot) about what you love about cables by Friday 11:59pm EST.  A winner will be drawn from the entries and I'll ship you the book (sorry, you must be a US resident).  Let's make this the funnest-book-giveaway-ever!


  1. This sounds like a very interesting book! I love cables because they look complex but are easier than they seem! I also like how they add dimension to clothing!


  2. Hey Cam - Congratulations on getting to such a milestone! What I love about cables... hmmm... well, I think they're easier than they look (which is great for impressing non-knitters; they can be easy to memorize; and they keep your brain active while you're knitting. This doesn't mean that you have to focus entirely on your knitting, but you must be engaged slightly (so it's not good for complete mindless knitting...). BTW, I'm on a blanket kick. I knit 2 charity baby blankets, 1 friendship blanket, and working on 1 sweet heart baby blanket, and my son asked about his Cables & Quilt blanket... so that's next on the list to finish! Woohoo.

  3. yay! I am just learning to love cables in my knitting- it would be great to have a book to help me along!

  4. Hey there, I just found your blog today and I am LOVING it! I keep reading past posts... Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to read more!

  5. I love knitting, I love books, and I love your blog site. Cables always remind me of the blue pull over my brother bought for my birthday when he went into the service. I wore that until I couldn't fit it anymore. I love the Quilt and Cable blanket. I have been wanting to knit a blanket but didn't want a lot of holes... lol... from my crochet afghan days.

    1. thanks so much for reading, and I'm really glad that you like the blanket :) But...you didn't leave a name or any other contact information so if the Random Number Bot pulls your number, how will I let you know? lol