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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Blizzard Hat is back!!

The Inspiration Hat
Fans of the television show Bones will remember this little gem.  This is the hat that Temperance wore when she and Booth got stuck in an elevator, in The Blackout in the Blizzard episode.

Anyway, about a million years ago I designed a pattern based on this hat and put it up for free on Ravelry.  I was in the middle of finals and didn't really have time to knit a sample myself, so I didn't catch the shaping issues until I was scrolling though some of the projects on Ravelry and saw the comments of a few knitters.  One Raveler in particular made several beautiful versions of the hat, but had some rather critical comments for the design and quite frankly, they were valid.  So I took down the pattern (and a handful of others) to redesign and re-release later.  I had no idea how long it would take to get back to this one. 

Now I'm exited to say that I finally worked out the details and I reloaded the design into my Rav Shop yesterday.  The Blizzard Hat is once again available, and the timing couldn't be better because the new season starts on September 17th, lol.  Every time The Blackout in the Blizzard aired, I got a flurry of emails asking when the hat would be ready.  I sent out over 30 messages yesterday, letting people know that they could get their copy, and from looking at the downloads, I'd say that most of them got right on it.

So you probably want to know that took me so long.  Well, I changed the shaping and added an additional size to the pattern.  I knit two different samples in a new, readily available yarn (Cascade 128 Superwash), and changed the gauge to fit most chunky yarns.  I adjusted the decrease section to make sure that they lined up correctly regardless of the size you choose to work.  As you can probably tell from the photo, the decreases are carefully done so you can leave off the pompom if you'd rather not wear one.  (At 6 feet tall, I can't really pull off the whimsical look that a pompom conveys, lol.)  I also managed to get a few decent photos even though I had to use my old point and shoot camera to get it done.  And with all this additional work and expense, I've decided that this formerly free download will remain free until September 15th, after which it will sell for $2.99. 

Now, I know that it can be quite unpopular when a designer decides to take a free design and start charging for it, but sometimes it's a necessary thing.  Much more goes into a design than simply having an idea.  For example, I am taking a design course right now to help improve my ability to size a design (which means that I can increase the size range of existing patterns as well as future ones, making them more inclusive) and this course wasn't cheap.  Technical editing is quite costly as well, but it's just not possible (or advisable) to release a pattern without having it edited.  Good photography is expensive and finding a photographer that you click with is hard.  Programs to format designs and create schematics...well, you don't even want to know how much that stuff costs.  And then there's the yarn.  Not all designers get yarn support, and the ones who do don't get it consistently.  That means that I'm paying out of pocket for the yarn to knit the sample.  So, at the end of the day, designers sometimes need to charge for patterns that once were free in order to continue to bring you new designs and I find myself in that position.  I hope you understand, and I encourage you to take advantage of my limited-time offer and download a copy for free while you still can :)


  1. Great design. It's also a nominal fee. You should be recognized monetarily for your hard work. Great job! Can't wait to give it a try.

    1. I completely agree with this. One of the most frustrating things that a co-worker said to me when they saw me knitting a scarf was "Oh wow that's so pretty! You should knit a bunch and sell them for $5 each."
      the ball of thick and quick alone was 8$.
      2.99 is a steal. I did download it for free, but I do play to go back and pay for it later this month. Thanks again!

    2. That's such a sweet (and completely unnecessary) offer :) Knit one, post photos to Ravelry, and brag about the awesomeness of the pattern, and I'll be completely happy, lol.

  2. I have never seen Bones, but you don't have to see it to appreciate how pretty this hat is! I love this design and it sounds like you put a lot of work into it!