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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Alex's Halloween dance (with video)

Am I the best mom ever, or what?!  lol.  I rarely have time to volunteer and I like to participate any way I can, so for the last two years I've volunteered as a baker for the Oldham School PTA.  They call me every time there is an activity and ask if I'd be willing to bake something for their concession stand.  This year I found a recipe for these amazing cookie bars, but since I was baking for the school and I couldn't use anything with peanuts, I modified the recipe to make it school friendly.  My family and I actually like this a little better (because they're sweeter, lol).  I replaced the pretzels with Brach's Autumn Mix candy corn, and I used white chocolate chips colored with Wilton's orange icing color gel to drizzle on top.  Thing is, I can't ever get white chocolate chips to melt enough to really drizzle so I ended up having to put it into a piping bag and squeeze it out, making it look like it was drizzled.  It worked out.

Anyway, the cookie bars were for the Oldham School Halloween dance.  Alex wanted to go, and since he's been so good in school and he's been sleeping so well, I decided that it would be safe to let him go have some fun.  We got there a little bit late, what with trying to get him to eat dinner and get dressed, lol.  Admission cost was one canned food item per person.  Reasonable enough.  Dante and I walked him over and he ran into the gym faster than my eyes could track him.  Dante had a few friends from high school who had also been dragged along with younger siblings, so he wasn't too bored.  And one of his friends bought several of my cookie bars!  They were very popular.

Alex found several of his friends too, and they all danced till they were ready to drop.  He jumped right in and had a blast.  By the end of the night, he was so tired and sweaty that he'd sweat his mustache right off, and I was carrying around his gloves and hat.  But as long as he had fun, right?  He played some of the fun games they had set up, and did really well.  He waited his turn in line, didn't get upset if he lost, and gave the ball/bean bag/rings to the next person in line, all without missing a beat.  It was great to see him doing so much better socially.  I even have hope that he'll get through this year's Ward Halloween party without a melt down (assuming we can get a ride up there, lol).  So, enjoy this hilarious video of Alex attempting to line dance.

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