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Monday, October 22, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Elizabeta photo shoot

 I love looking at beautifully shot knitting patterns, but I love seeing the funny, behind-the-scenes photos a bit more.  So it is with that spirit that I asked my photographer, Annalise to snap some candid shots that I could share with you.  Here you can see that I'm getting my socks on and taking a lot of time to make sure that the vertical lace motifs are lined up just right.  See how pretty that marble building is!  Notice how color coordinated I'm not, lol.  Now, here are some of the prettier pictures, followed by the "what was really going on" shots.


whoops!  my stuff got in the shot, lol.
Where's the light going?..
check out my sweet outfit.  the dress didn't actually fit so I couldn't zip it up the back.

lighting test.  (I'm waring these shoes right now).
look at how sweet that pose is!  that's really my leg.

here's what I was doing above the waist

Oh no! Poutie-baby face, lol.
Beware the ghostly Nun!!

Okay.  she's had enough, lol.

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