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Friday, October 26, 2012

No Open Knit class on Halloween night

in which I photo-bomb my kid's photo, lol
Don't you just love it when a blog title has absolutely nothing to do with the post??  But I have an excuse in this case, as some people might not actually read the post.  I know I'm guilty of skimming through and just looking at the pictures.  So I put the important part right in the title, lol.  I teach open knit classes at Bella Yarns on Wednesday nights and Friday mornings.  This year Halloween falls on a Wednesday, and I don't have my own car anymore.  You know there's no chance at all that my kids are gonna be cool with an interruption in their trick-or-treat action to come into Warren and pick me up from work.  So class will be canceled on Wednesday, October 31st and I'll pick it back up that Friday morning. 

We're also trying to get ready for a major storm that's supposed to hit the area on Tuesday.  I've located the candles and the radio.  We're going to go get a Coleman camping lantern.  I've gone through the 72-hour kits to make sure we all have medicine, snacks, towels, cash, and other stuff in there.  This year I had to rotate the snacks out of the kits and I hadn't gotten around to replacing them so I did that today.  I got canned goods and Parmalat milk (that can sit out on the shelf until we use it), and several cans of whole grain Spaghetti-O's with meat balls and a full serving of veggies, because Alex probably won't eat anything else that comes out of a can, lol.  So in a nut shell, we're about a prepared as we can get for now.  Aaron got a kick out of watching me go through all the 72-hour kits and loading them with snacks.  He said I was "moming it up like moms do, making care packs", lol. And finally, I printed out all of my assignments for next week, just in case we lose power and internet access for a few days.

And with that, I'm off to take Alex to his school's Halloween party.  He'll be dressing up as Mario.

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