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Friday, October 5, 2012

This post brought to you by...Monster Energy Drink

I don't know why I always stay up extra late on Thursday nights, forgetting that I need to be out of the house earlier on Friday mornings for my Open Knit class...but there you have it.  I'm tired, and I've been tired all day.  But other than being sleepy, I've had a pretty good day.

My husband went to Staples and bought us a printer that also scans and faxes!  After dropping about $50 at Staples over the summer attempting to fax my IRS transcripts to the financial aid department, it just made sense to buy one.  After all, I'd already paid for half of it by that point.  So earlier today I faxed a book voucher request off to the school, and printed out a form that I need to sign and scan so I can email it...and I can do all that without leaving my dining room now.  I'm really excited, as you can tell (it might be the Monster...I'm not sure).

In other news, Alex managed to have the best behavior week he's ever had at school and he's reaping the benefits.  He got to play video games on a school day, and he got a new game for the DS, and stickers, and Lego Minifigures.  Now, before you freak out, keep in mind that he's on a token economy system and he just managed to earn everything around the same time, lol.  He gets a sticker on his behavior chart every day that he gets a good report from school, so he can earn up to five stickers a week.  If he does, he'll fill up a behavior chart in about five weeks.  Then at the end of the week, if he's avoided any negative behavior reports, he gets to play video games on Saturday.  His behavior reports are on a colored spectrum with green, blue and pink being the good, better, and best (in that order).  Green gets a sticker, blue gets double stickers, and pink gets double stickers AND one hour of video game time on that day.  It's difficult for him to get past green most weeks so we heavily reward it to make it very attractive and very reinforcing.  Three bonus days in a row is unprecedented in our house, lol, so we had to pony up (and we were happy to do so).

In knitting news, I've got a stealth project going right now for the Knit Picks catalog and I can't share anything other than to say that I think this will be a popular knit when it's introduced to the world.  It's one that I could see myself wearing.  I'm spending all my knitting time working on this one so it will be ready by the deadline, but this doesn't travel very well so I also have a portable project (which you can see the start of in the photo).  I'm test-knitting a sock for Yarn Yenta with yarn from my favorite indi-dyer, Play At Life Fiber Arts.  I've been looking for just the right thing to use my gradient sockie maki and this lace sock should do the trick.  As far as I know it's fine to share progress photos of this baby, but just in case, I've only shown the cuff.  Rest assured, I'll find out and if I can share, you'll get an eyeful :)

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