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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Busy busyness (business?) either way.

My friends, I've been updating like crazy around here and I'm sure you've noticed.  You're probably wondering where all this productivity is coming from.  Well, I'll tell you.  First, school started so naturally I'm knitting more instead of focusing on my studies.  I honestly don't know how I got through my undergrad work with a GPA as high as I did, lol.  Second, these are projects that I've been keeping quiet for a while.  Secret knitting is now being revealed! 

These are the Kinnikinnick Mitts, which are part of an ebook containing a matching hat and scarf.  I knit the sample about a month ago for Carol Sunday of Sunday Knits.  She is a very talented designer with her own yarn label!  These were knit with one skein each of Eden 3 ply and Nirvana 3 ply (well, more like half a skein, but since you can't buy half a skein we'll just call it one each).  The yarn comes in pretty, subtle colors which remind me a bit of the darker, more sophisticated colors of yarns like Debbie Bliss and Rowan.  They felt soft in the skein but got much softer as I knit with them.  And they're warm!!  Like, crazy-warm.  I seriously considered asking her to skip my payment and to let me keep the extra two skeins of yarn I got when we thought the post office had lost the first ones.  Seriously.  But unfortunately, Christmas is coming and I've got to buy gifts, lol.  Knit gifts alone don't cut it around here.

Anyway, the mitts (which are closer to arm-warmers in length) are quite comfortable, and feature an extra long cuff and a "welted thumb".  I'd never knit a thumb welt before and I had to pay close attention to that section.  I actually had to rip back because I was on autopilot and started working a traditional gusset.  The increases on a welt are placed on either side of two stitch markers, and the increase rounds are worked at a different ratio.  It was easy to do, but I had to pay attention.  The resulting thumb has a relaxed and comfortable fit.  The hand portion is also a little longer than usual, but I liked that.  These would be great for chilly mornings when I walk Alex to school.  I could definitely see myself wearing this (unlike some of the samples I've knit before, lol), and it was hard to mail these back.  As soon as I get time, I'm going to knit myself a pair.

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