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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  You may remember that we'd spotted this group of turkeys about a month back.  They all survived (at least until yesterday.  I haven't seen them today...) 

This year I've got a much more Zen approach to the holiday.  Things need not be perfect.  Alex really struggles with Thanksgiving (I think in part to our need to try to keep up with old traditions).  His sensory modulation disorder makes it difficult for him to enjoy many of the Thanksgiving classics, like turkey, gravy, stuffing, eating until you pop and then eating again, taking a turkey-induced nap, watching the parade.  You name it...he hates it.  And I was never a big fan of gathering up the family, getting everyone dressed in their church clothes, and heading over to my in-laws only to sit around for another hour or so smelling the food that isn't finished cooking yet (even though we were told that it would be).  That leads to Alex freaking out about being hungry, and my not being able to feed him because I know he won't eat dinner after, and him refusing to actually eat any of the food once it hits the table.  Then a power struggle between Alex and the men-in-charge begins.  One insists he's just being picky or difficult and things we should just force him to eat.  The other threatens him with punishment if he doesn't eat.  Alex calls their bluffs and ends up in the corner over defiant behavior (which turned out to be a sensory-defensive behavior).  I end up stressed out and ticked off.  Sound familiar?

This year, we're skipping all that nonsense.  I'm vegetarian and won't be eating any turkey, and Alex doesn't like turkey.  He and I are eating fish.  He's very excited about it.  Not only are we eating fish, but I'm cooking that fish myself (because he's picky about how he likes it) and he's going to eat before we even leave to go to Nana's.  That way, if he refuses to eat any of the food, it won't matter one bit.  If he only wants to eat cranberry sauce and pie...so be it.  I'm going to enjoy a stress free holiday.  I might even go so far as to let him wear his Super Mario pajamas to Nana's house if he doesn't want to get dressed (as we'll probably be there until pretty close to bed time).  Because really, the important thing is spending time with loved ones, and not how good we looked while we did.

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