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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Twas the night before Christmas Eve...

and all through the house, my children were not stirring because they asked to spend the night at Nana's, lol.  I decided it made good sense and provided me with an extra night to do the wrapping.  I'm usually up until 1 or 2 am trying to finish up.  My husband sweetly offers to help every year, and inevitably I end up shoving him out of the way to take over because he's nowhere as good at is as I am.  This year he cheerfully announced that he "did the bows!"

This year, like other years, we did our best to make sure we got a variety of cute, fun things, and at least one thing that was on each child's list.  And each year after we wrap the gifts, we're left wondering where everything went and why it looks like we got them so little.  I know it's not the amount of gifts that count, but children need to be able to see at least a few things under the tree with their names on them.  However, when they open these gifts, I think they'll be pleased.  Dante has been asking for a used Nintendo DS to replace his broken one.  He'd like to be able to play his games.  Aaron found one at a great price, and picked it up complete with a Nerf case to protect it from bring dropped (which lead to the first one breaking).  We also got him his first cell phone.  It's a little prepaid thing.  Nothing fancy, just a way for me to be able to communicate with him when he is at school.  My husband gets called into work early sometimes, and he's doing a sport so it would make me feel a heck of a lot better to be able to text him and let him know that he'll need to get a ride home. 

Alex got a new Skylander's game, and I knit him a ninja.  He loves Lego Ninja and has been after me to make that for him for a while now.  He has no idea that I already did, lol.  What's funny is that I got him a raindeer rubber duck for the tub and I put it in a giant box instead of putting it in his stocking.  See, studying child development means that I know Alex will see that Dante has more boxes under the tree and he will assume that he has more gifts.  He won't realize that his extra gifts are in his stocking.  So to avoid crying and claims of unfairness on Christmas morning, I wrapped a rubber duck in a box and put it under the tree so that he'll have the same number of packages as Dante.  These are the things that anyone with small children, or more than one child, will understand, lol. 

I finished the hats for my friend and she is flying out tomorrow to present them as gifts to extended family.  So what am I doing with my deadline-free knitting time?  Working on Aaron's Rockaway sweater and knitting a gift bag for Alex's loose DS game.  I'm using the last of my handspun and I'll put his initial on it so he can use it as an ornament next year.  He seems to like when I knit ornaments, lol.  And finally, here's a photo of the rice crispy treat trains we made today before the boys left for Nana's house.
Alex at work

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  1. Wow! That's a lot of accomplishments this year. Congratulations and best wishes for an even better and brighter 2013!