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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Purely random, and still no photos

I don't know what's going on with this new hard drive but it's been strange ever since we got it.  I can't get iTunes to recognize my iPod without re-syncing (which will wipe out my music and all my music is apparently gone).  I can't get the current version of iPhoto to open without stalling, and don't even think about trying to hook the camera up to it.  I've got a camera chalk-full of pics for various cute little baby knits and giant clown-shoes, and I can't get them off the camera.  So I guess I'll just keep knitting and snapping photos for now, and eventually I'll get them onto the computer so you all can actually SEE them.  (It's much less fun to knit stuff when you can't upload any photos)

School has started again (if you haven't already heard) and I'm happy to say that although there is a lot of reading in one class, that class is fascinating so it's easy to get through and the other class has almost no reading.  However, the class with less reading has much more work but on the up-side, the professor is more relaxed about our deadlines and knows that we're all adults with responsibilities outside of the classroom.  It's our last class for our degrees and we've worked very hard to get here.  She's not going to 'eat my lunch' if I turn in a paper at 12:08am instead of 11:59pm (which has happened to me in the past).  That takes quite a bit of the pressure off, and that lack of pressure has allowed me to do things like go to bed at a reasonable hour, spend more time with Alex during the day, and go to Dante's Freshman State track meet in Westerly, RI on a Tuesday night. 

It was a great trip and Alex really enjoyed being at his first track meet.  Funny how hearing first call for an event that I used to run, started my adrenaline rushing through my system, and how still and tense I felt while the runners were in the starting blocks, and how I couldn't breath until after the starting gun went off.  Just like old times, lol.  It was much worse when Dante's heat went.  We got to see him run the 200M but we just missed him in the 100M.

After the meet, we got to take him home and we stopped at a Chinese restaurant to get something to eat.  Then it was back on the road for a 1-hour drive back to Riverside.  Not too bad at all.  Alex slept off an on in the back seat and I had my glasses with me so I could see the road signs, lol.  I had a full tank, a car-charger for my cell phone (just in case), and a straight shot home.  We got home at about 9:30pm and I had to rush both boys straight to bed.  Thankfully, Alex had a good day at school yesterday, despite being up over an hour past his bedtime.

So today my friends...I have an appointment with the dentist, Alex has a physical in the total opposite end of the state, I've got homework, and I'll be finishing my sample today.  Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the Felted Slipper Disaster of 2012.