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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Noro slippers, lack of focus, and an air popper

 Please excuse the "I'm so unimpressed" look on my face right now.  It was really early and my caffeine hadn't kicked in yet...but hey, at least there's a photo in this post!

So most of you will remember that I've been on a quest for a decent-fitting pair of slippers, and that I wanted a pair of Noro slippers so I could have fun, pretty stripes to brighten up my winter nights.  And you'll all remember how badly that quest was going.  My second failed attempt at a pair of Noro Fuzzy Feet was just that...a giant failure (literally).  I tried to felt them in the laundry mat in my complex, and learned that high-efficiency washers and felting don't mix.  Two trips through and they were still giant scuba feet.  Then Ann took over and put them through four washes at her house, and they only got down to roughly a woman's size 12.  Thankfully, one of my students has a friend with size 11 feet so I just passed them right along to her.  Next I tried to knit a more traditional, moccasin-style pair, but they were really large too and I just didn't feel confident that they would stay on my feet when I went up and down my stairs.  Safety first.  While I was knitting my second pair (a very well written pattern and a very cute pair of slippers, but they just weren't exactly what I was going for), I was thinking about "the ways I would do these differently".  After almost finishing the first one, I took the entire thing apart and started over.

I made a few changes to the original, like slimming it down quite a bit, working from the top-down, and I completely changed the sole of the foot.  As you can see here, I've got an oval-thing happening on the bottom and the very center is grafted shut.  I worked out a rough pattern which I've sent to the ever-talented Daisy.  It's got three sizes, and instructions on how to alter it to fit more feet (like children, or giants).  I'll be bringing these to you at a later date, when all is worked out.

Anyway, about that air popper.  Yesterday we took Alex to Target to use his gift cards (which he received for his birthday).  He had a blast picking, and repicking items to buy.  We had lots of stuff in our cart, but he eventually settled on a 3-pack of Skylanders figures for his game, a Scooby-Doo DVD (one of the rare ones we don't already have, lol), and a craft kit to make jewelry (he made a ring for his kindergarten-girlfriend, lol).  Meanwhile, I wandered by a shelf that had buffalo-flavored popcorn seasoning, and that sent me on a quest.  We needed a popcorn maker.  I don't even really like popcorn, lol.  But then I remembered eating it as a child, and that I used to like it, and that it's really microwave popcorn that I don't like...so I got an air popper.  And some popcorn.  And the buffalo flavoring that started it all.  And some white-chocolate covered animal crackers (in the interest of full disclosure).  I've made two batches of popcorn since last night and I'm working out the perfect amount of butter, salt, and various other seasonings.  Good thing I went for the air popper instead of the oil popper.

And finally, you can tell by the length of this post that I have two important projects due in school and I'm distracted.  I know, what else is new?  Well I'll tell you what's new...

I'm going to Grad School!!  I'll be starting my Masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis starting September 19.  And as a major bonus, I get to skip the GRE's because I've got a GPA of 3.95, and as a returning student, I'll save 20% on my tuition!!  I've been praying about this for a long time now, and everything came together so smoothly that I know I'm on the right path.  

Now, I just have to concentrate long enough to actually finish this Bachelors first.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Busy week of busyness

busyness?  business?  Busyness.

So, the last few weeks have been hectic to say the least.  I've had two solid weeks with at least four days that have had two-three appointments a piece.  I had so many things to do and so many things to organize that I can't remember which I did on which day.  Lets just say that we're a two-car family.  Dante has had track meets and med checks and seminary and Young Men's activities.  Alex has had physicals and appointments with a pediatric ophthalmologist (more on that later) and a check up with The Providence Center and a field trip and a birthday...so he also had a birthday party.  Aaron's been called into work several times (yay) and I've had to ask a coworker to take my shifts so I could get to the places I needed to be at (thanks again Ann!).  I spent Saturday morning cleaning and mopping and delegating and cutting fruit and making pigs-in-a-blanket and decorating and secretly wrapping gifts and wrangling an overly-excited 6-year-old who kept bursting into tears over the smallest of things.  My husband threatened to schedule 4 parties a year because of how much cleaning it prompted me to do, and I threatened to call everyone and cancel if Alex didn't pull himself together. 

Thank goodness, when everyone arrived (nicely staggered so that we could properly greet everyone), Alex had calmed down and everyone got a chance to eat, play, watch Cars the movie (if they wanted to), and the grown-ups all got to chat.  All of the husbands are friends with my husband from grade school, and they all grew up with each other.  All of the wives (including myself) were imported from other states, lol, and we'd all met at least one other time so we got to chat and catch up.  My friend Heather (from my old job) came over and hung out as well.  She's the sweetest person and she always shows up at my kids birthday parties even though she doesn't have any children of her own to bring over to play.  She brings herself over to play with the kids, lol, and they love her for it.  And my dear friend Kat showed up with all four of her kids (including the 3-week-old baby, dressed in the sweater I'd knit for her) to play with Alex.  She fit right in and we all had a blast passing the baby around. 

After everyone had a chance to eat and the kids had reached that point (you know...the point at which things are just about to explode into a giant mess of poor behavior choices), I gathered everyone up and we all headed over to the Crescent Park Carousel to ride for a while.  I'd picked up four birthday passes, so I had 40 tickets to pass out to the group.  Everyone got at least 5 tickets but somehow Alex and Caleb ended up with 10 a piece and they rode until their little hearts were content.  And as people started to drift off toward home, the families passed their unused tickets to us and we passed them to Alex and Caleb, lol.  I got to hold hands with a little girl and hold an extremely cute 2-year-old for quite some time, and then later I got to take the baby some more. 

Finally, it was time to walk home and Alex was happy to go (for once) because he'd ridden so many times, and we had his presents at home.  I'd asked everyone not to bring any gifts, but of course no one listened so everyone came with a gift card for him.  Aaron and I each got one gift, and he was thrilled with both.  He spent the rest of the day playing Skylanders, and when he couldn't play video games any more he played with the Lego Spongebob Flying Dutchman set I'd gotten him.  Can't go wrong with Legos, pirates, or Spongebob so this was the trifecta of gifts, lol.  I spent the rest of the day catching up on homework, trying to keep the apartment this clean, and trying not to pass out on the couch until after Alex went to bed.