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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Looking for a few good knitters...

This is my still unnamed vest.  I introduced this little number at the wrap up for the Great Rhody Yarn Crawl, and I collected a nice little list of emails from people who wanted to know when it would be released.  But before I can email these nice knitters, I need to get this pattern edited and before I can do that, I need to have it tested.  This is where you come in!

I'm ready to start testing, and I'm looking for interested knitters who would like to give this a go.  It is a simple pullover vest with a small cable and lace repeat, and a small amount of waist shaping.  It's worked flat, from the bottom up, and seamed together.  So that means that you will need to be comfortable with basic cables and lace, and you'll need to be familiar with the 3-needle bind off technique.  I need testers for the 30, 42, 46, 50, & 54 inch bust circumferences. (If you fall into an in-between-size, go for the next size up.) 

The vest uses 1-2 skeins of Cascade 220 Eco Wool (depending upon your size.  My sample is a 38" bust, and I used just under one skein. 

One piece of advice...if you have never followed a pattern before, then you'll want to skip this.  Pattern reading is like learning a second language, and you really want to start learning to speak that language by using a pattern in it's finished format.  This baby is still in progress.  But once it's all done, I encourage you to give it a go :)

So, if anyone is interested in test knitting, leave me a reply in the comments, or reply to my post in the Official Test Knit thread on Ravelry. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

The 40% off sale starts today!

Just a quick reminder, that my Graduation Celebration sale begins today!  Take 40% off any pattern in my Ravelry store (discount taken at check out).  I was really excited to see that someone took advantage and got themselves a copy of my brand new Apogee cardigan.  I love that sweater, and I'm sure they will too :) 

Now, I've got to go work on Clue #2 of the Westknits Mystery Shawl, and a sock test knit for Helen Bingham designs, and a sock pattern for the fast-approaching Super Sock Scarefest, and...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Greetings from the other side

I can hardly believe it folks, but I made it!  Yesterday I turned in the last of the coursework to complete my Bachelor's in Science in psychology, specializing in child development and applied behavior analysis.  I will be graduating with Honors from Kaplan University with a final GPA of 3.95.  I was on the Dean's list and the President's list every single term for the last three years and I am a member of the Kaplan University chapter of the Golden Key Honor Society.  I started my college degree about 16 years ago, when I was just 18-years old and still didn't know what I wanted to do with my life.  I never thought that I would have to leave school.  I never thought I'd be able to get back to school.  I never thought I would graduate with a straight-A average, and I certainly never thought I would pull a double major.  And most of all, I never thought that I would be on my way to a Graduate degree in applied behavior analysis. 

I'm really proud of this accomplishment and I want to share my excitement with all my friends and fellow knitters.  To celebrate the fact that I finally earned my college degree at the ripe age of 35, I'm having a pattern sale (beginning Friday, July 20).  Take 40% off any pattern in my Ravelry store, for the next two weeks!  Now I can hear all the questions: "if you're 35, then why not offer 35% off?".  Because I like round numbers and 40% just sounded better.  "Well if you like round numbers, why not offer 50% off?"  Whoa now, let's not get crazy ;)  I still have a car to repair and kids to feed, and a bicycle to purchase.

So, what have I been doing with my homework-free time?  I've only had a few hours of it so I don't have much to show for it, except that I finally cracked into my Season 4 of True Blood last night.  What a perfect way to celebrate the end of the school year!  Oh, and I also stayed up way, way late last night because...well, why the heck not?!  It's not like I have to do any homework today :)  I've also resumed work on that test-knit dress (and let me tell you...it's no fun to knit a dress in 90 degree heat).  I'll also be swatching for my rainbow dress with this amazing shawl maki in Loud & Proud, that I got from Play at Life Fiber Arts.  Chrystee is an amazing dyer and I love her yarns to death!  I'm excited to finally get to play with it.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Making some changes

As you probably know by now, I'm knitting the West Knits Mystery Shawl KAL, along with over 2100 other people at last count, lol.  At least this time I can say I got in when there were only around 300 of us.  Usually I wait for the bandwagon to come around and pick me up, lol.  I'm making great progress and I have to say that I just love this thing.  Love it!  As a matter of fact, I'm a little antsy for the next clue and I promised a friend that I would not finish this clue before Wednesday when we can get together again to work on it.  I'm having a heck of a time trying to keep that promise.  And I'm also having a really really hard time not posting a photo here but some of you might be interested in knitting it too and may not want to see what the finished clue looks like, so instead I'll settle for posting a link to my project page (no Ravelry account necessary) so you can go see it for yourself, if you're interested ;)

Anyway, today was a very strange day and things are only going to get stranger for a little while.  My car failed inspection and needs quite a bit of very expensive work before I can get it back on the road.  Being a student means that I'm not working a full time job and I have an extremely tight budget.  I can't afford to do any work on this car until the fall, when I'll be paid for a pattern that I did for a major magazine publisher.  My mother-in-law has already spent a small fortune trying to get my husband's car repaired so that he will pass the next inspection.  It's amazing what can fall apart on a car in two short years! 

This is a big change for my little family.  We're now down to one car, and my boys have very busy schedules (as you know).  I've lost count of all the specialists that Alex is seeing these days, and the first day of soccer is right around the corner.  Thankfully, almost everything I need to get to is within walking or biking distance, so I'm now on the look out for a good bicycle.  And let me tell you, they're a lot more expensive than they used to be!  I only found one bike on Craig's List that might be suitable, and it's all the way out in deep Mass, even though I specified Rhode Island in my search.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to ride it either, because it's a road bike and that will mean that I'll need to hunch over quite a bit.  That's not going to work so well with my back issues.  The next best thing I found were two new bikes from local shops for just under $300.  That's about $100 more than I wanted to spend on a bike.  But at least all this searching has helped me to narrow things down...I'm looking for a cruiser, aka Granny Bike.  They're designed for commuting, the seats are large and comfortable, and the rider can sit up.  One reviewer even said that she's my height and doesn't have to slouch.  So if anyone is looking to get rid of a good bike, or knows anyone who is, please let me know.  I've got to be able to get to work, and PT, and the grocery store, and the post office, and the library, and...