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Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic Fog

Today was the release date for the West Knits mystery shawl KAL clue #4, and I wasn't able to print it out.  Normally I don't post photos of my progress directly on the post but I figured that it would be save as the newest clue is already out and most of the participants already know what it looks like to this point, lol.  Some of the speedier knitters in this group have already finished at least half of the new clue (or maybe the entire clue as the last time I looked it was about 10:00 am).  I'm honestly unsure if I would have purchased this pattern if it had been released in full like others.  I love Stephen's style and this is pretty much what I expected from him...geographic, intarsia, lots of garter stitch.  I admire his design aesthetic but I have to admit that as much as I'm awed by the uniqueness of his designs, many of them just aren't my style.  But it doesn't stop me from clicking on one every time I scroll through my friend's activity on Ravelry.  I'm drawn to his work but I've never knit one of his designs before.  So, if I had seen this shawl in it's entirety, I would certainly not have bought the pattern...but that would have been my loss.  I have to say that I've enjoyed knitting this pattern every step of the way.  I'm finally using a beloved skein of yarn.  I'm participating with friends.  I'm involved with an online community and we're all taking on a new, surprising challenge each week.  And you know what?..I have another shawl that I knit as a store sample and I didn't love it, and it wasn't my style; now it's my go-to scarf in the fall.  And I plan to wear the heck out of this baby too.

In other news,  I have largely ignored everything as I've sat on the couch watching every minute of Olympic coverage I can find.  I've been held hostage to my television, but I did manage to pick up Dante's sweater, and have been working on it for my Ravellenic Games project.  I powered through the back in two days.  I worked the left front (including altering the neckline to allow for a different monogram, charting the new monogram, and knitting that bad boy) in two days.  Today I cast on for the right front and I hope to finish it off tonight!  That leaves the sleeves, buttons & button bands, and seaming.  If my hands hold out, I should just make it! 

Oh, and Track & Field started today so don't be surprised if you don't see or hear from me for another 7 days ;)