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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Name That Vest; The Tiebreaker Round

So as you may remember, I've got a vest pattern that's currently in the test knitting phase.  It still has no name.  I ran a contest for name ideas and then put them up on Ravelry poll to select the winner.  Well, we have a tie!  The choice is now between The Washington Insider and Jardin de Vignes.  So what's a girl to do?  Ask other people for their opinion, of course.  It was suggested that we have another poll with the two names and let them fight for supremacy.  And in the spirit of competition that has taken over my home with feverish intensity, I went for it!  You can find the new poll here.  Voting closes in a week and hopefully we'll have a clear winner by that time.  If not, they're both locals...maybe we could have a rock/paper/scissors match to determine a winner ;)

Meanwhile in Ravellenic Games competition, I've hit another snag.  I ran out of yarn with 18 rows left to go on the last sleeve.  Thankfully I anticipated that this might happen, and I formulated a plan.  I actually knit about two inches too far on the right-front, so I've pulled it back and I'll reclaim that yarn for the sleeve.  Then I'll use the yarn butterfly bobbins (video link) that I used for the intarsia portions for the button ban.  It's striped, and I'll use more of the red and less of the gray.  Hopefully it will work out.  And speaking of button bands (or more specifically buttons), after searching through pages and pages of buttons online for hours and hours (no exaggeration), I realized that I had just the right buttons for this sweater in my stash :\  The Boy gave his approval, and I hope to be putting those bad boys on this sweater in the next few days.