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Thursday, February 21, 2013

So they say we're getting more snow...

Seriously.  And what's a girl to do when there's more snow on the way?  Knit stuff.  I've got design knitting to do and I've been knitting baby sweaters like my life depended on it.  My hands actually hurt because I hardly knit at all during the month of January.  But Bella Yarns received an influx of new leaflet patterns from several talented indi-designers who I've come to know through the Ravelry Designer forum group and I couldn't resist picking up a few new baby sweater patterns.  I told you about them in the last post, but I actually have something to show you now :)

And what else is a girl to do when it snows?  Homework.  Clean the apartment.  Keep kids entertained.  Oh, and bake before hand because it turned out that the oven doesn't work when the power goes out and I'm not going to be caught without treats again if I have to be snowed in. 

Oh.  Better go watch all those new Scooby Doo DVD's I got yesterday before the storm hits...just in case ;)

I've almost got a finished sleeve now!