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Friday, March 8, 2013

Go shortie, it's my birthday...

Today actually is my birthday, and to celebrate I'm making dinner for the missionaries and watching lousy horror movies.  My husband has to work tonight and my oldest son is going to stay the night with my Mother-in-law, which actually works out well for me because then I won't have to act as a referee between him and the 6-year old today.  Oh, and that dinner with the missionaries thing...well I'm actually cooking them a meal and then handing it to them at the door and sending them back on their way because Aaron ended up having to work on my birthday and they can't hang out if he's not home.  I thought for sure I'd be safe scheduling them for today.  And I didn't cancel earlier because I thought we could just walk over to the Chinese restaurant and have dinner there.  Then it started snowing.  I should have known it would.  It snows just about every single year on my birthday out here.  It's a carry over from the annual rain I got in California, lol.  You could set your clock by it.  So that leaves me with a set of hungry missionaries headed to my apartment tonight and I've got to feed them.  Alex and I are gonna have baked fish.  Then of course there will be cake.

Finals are over and I don't have to do homework today.  That's AMAZING!  I'm participating in Sock Madness 7 so I'm knitting a pair of socks as fast as I possibly can.  Thankfully I just finished Dante's hat and he's thrilled with it.  I swear, I've knit at least three others for him and he never wore them.  He likes this one, most likely because he found it on his own and asked me if I could knit it for him.  He put it on last night to try it on and then left is on until he went to bed.  I even got him to post with it on, lol. 

Now, I'm off to knit a pair of socks!

"Can I make a funny face?"

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