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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sleep deprivation (again)

I don't know why but I'm exhausted again.  I swear I've been going to bed at a reasonable hour and I've cut my caffeine consumption way down, and yet for some reason this past week or two I've been really tired.  So tired that I'm having difficulty with following up on things, which means that I've lost all control over my routine again.  For some reason I can't explain, dinner has this the table close to bedtime.  Bedtimes have been pushed back.  We're barely getting out of the house on time. 

On the upside, I bought the Camry so I've been taking care of some long neglected things in the morning before my husband is up and moving.  It's been heaven.  I forgot how much I love dropping Alex off at school and jumping on the road to go to the market or some other place. 

I've been forgetting about all the little things lately and I've called in the "Big Guns" to help me get a grip on it all again.  I added a new cookbook and got a little sucked into it so some other things slacked off for a while.  That's my MO.  If I add something in, everything goes to seed until I manage to get a grip on it all again.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Now that I'm getting the hang of using this cookbook, I'm trying to get a handle on Alex's allergies.  He tested severely allergic to dust mites.  That's a lot of dusting, more frequent sheet changing, more frequent sweeping/moping of the floors, running air purifiers and keeping an eye on their filters, more allergy check up's, more red tape as I attempt to get the apartment complex to agree not to put carpet in this unit during the renovations.  You get the idea.  And that's just his allergies.  Next I have to get a handle on the sensory diet cause I still don't have a handle on that one.  (Typing that line just reminded me that Alex needed to take a sensory break, lol). 

Anyway, I'm having to embrace the fact that although I don't have ADHD, I do in fact carry that gene (as evidenced by my 2nd cousin and my oldest son who both have it), and that I could benefit from applying some of the organizational principles to my routine.  I already do many of the suggested activities, but one thing that stood out was that I'm not getting near enough sleep and that's why everything is spinning out of control.  Sleep is key for me. 

Now, to the knitting (cause I know that's what you come here for, lol).  I've been happily knitting along on on Alex's Kindling Season and I made it though the body.  These pictures were taken a few days ago before I finished the bind-off, but you get the idea.  I went into the shop on Wednesday to try to find buttons but I only found two that matched well enough, that fit through the holes, and we didn't have enough of either in stock so I went online to one of my favorite etsy shops and ordered buttons online.  I got bamboo anchor buttons and I think they're going to be just right.  More on that later (assuming I don't forget, lol).

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