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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tee Cakes!!

So I walked into Bella Yarns the other day to teach the Friday morning class and I realized that I was there with nothing to knit.  I mean, I did bring a project with me but when I got there I discovered that I'd left the needles at home.  That left me with a hole to fill and an entire yarn shop full of possibilities.  What would I knit?  I've been doing socks and I really didn't want to start another fingering-weight project, but those were the only needles I actually had in the bag.  Well, after wandering for a little, I happened upon a brand new yarn...Tee Cakes!  This is a cute little ball (or cake if you will) of yarn made from recycled jersey fabric.  I just about fell out!  Next thing I know, I've got a skein in my hand and I bought a new set of needles and cast on.  How can you not when they've already gone through the trouble of winding it for you?

I knew right away what I was doing with this.  I've been wearing my neck warmer like a hat all winter because it works better with my long hair, and it's been really nice to just put my hair up and put on the head wrap and walk Alex to school.  When your hair gets as long as mine it looks like a rat's nest in the morning and unfortunately I don't have time to take a shower and do anything about it before taking Alex to school.  This has worked out beautifully, and I'd like to be able to keep this trend up in the warmer months.  So, with that in mind I cast on for a new head wrap made out of t-shirt yarn and before the night was out I was done. 

Alex took this photo, lol
I used the entire skein to knit this and worked a few short-rows so that the top would line up better with the back while I'm wearing it (the top always pulls up a bit short compared to the back).  I'm going to toy with this a little bit because I forgot that I fold up the other version so my ears will stay warm, so it needed to be longer.  This is a bit too long right now so I've rolled up the other end, but I can roll it back down when I have it on while my hair is down.

I'm also thinking of making it into a hat that I can wear to dry the excess water from my hair.  It would be so much easier than wrapping my hair up, and would look considerably less ridiculous, lol.  I'll be sure to let you know if I make any changes.
The headwrap prototype (and Alex in an Expressions hat).

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