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Monday, May 27, 2013

Loud and Proud, and up to my knee

My friends...I've been busy since last we met :)

This is the Delicious Knee Socks pattern from Cosmicpluto (aka, Laura Chau).  I actually met Laura when I went to Rhinebeck and she was amazing!  Truly a wonderful person and very accessible to a star-struck knitting fan, lol.  I've had my eye on this pattern since it first came out, but I got pushed over the edge last week when I found it in a bin of new indi-patterns at Bella Yarns.  I wanted to knit my new Loud and Proud Socki Maki from the toe-up so that I'd be sure to use every last yard and get all the colors in, and this pattern has an option to modify it into an over-the-knee-sock.  It was a no-brainer really, lol.  I cast on right away and I'm almost done with the first sock.  I decided to stripe it with the beautiful new gray yarn I got during the yarn crawl to be sure I'd get all the way up to my knee (because I've got longer legs than most). 

I have knit the pattern as written up to the point where I'd finished the calf increases.  Then I added 1.25" of length before starting the calf decreases.  I've been trying these on as I go (one benefit of using the Magic Loop) to make sure they'll fit nicely.  You can't see it here in this photo but yesterday I made it to the final color.  I've knit through at least one full color each day, and it's amazing how much more knitting I can get done when I don't have homework to worry about, lol.  It's also nice to have something that travels well and that I can show off, as my current project is not very portable and totally secret. 

photo property of Play at Life Fiber Arts
So back to this Loud and Proud Socki Maki from Play at Life Fibers.  I know you've heard me talk about Chrystee's work before, but I've got to talk about it again!  She's amazingly talented.  Each color is so intense and the pigments take in such a complex way.  This crap-tastic instagram photo does the yarn absolutely no justice what so ever.  It's just as bright in person as it looks here, but there is a depth to the color that just doesn't come through.  The pink is the brightest, prettiest, most vibrant pink I've ever seen.  Same for the orange and yellow.  The green is stunning.  Alex loves it.  And the blue!!  It's the best blue ever, lol.  So intense and subtly shaded...tonal?...  I just can't describe it.  And can you see the depth of color in the indigo?  I love that the yarn comes already wound into two even skeins so that you can knit both socks exactly the same without having to do anything more than cast them on.  And the Boundless sock base is definitely one of my favorites.  If you haven't purchased from PAL yet...DO IT!  Go ahead.  I'll wait...

Needless to say, you'll be seeing more of this yarn popping up around the blog in the same exact colorway.  I've got plans for two sport-weight skeins I got last year.  And if any of you out there have knit with Play at Life yarns, I'd love to see some photos. 

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