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Thursday, May 2, 2013


It's finally spring in New England and I got out into the weather to do a photo shoot for an upcoming design.  I had the best co-model in the industry to help me out.  You have to be careful when working with babies because they're scene stealers, lol.  Especially Clara. 

Turns out that Clara has learned how the cyclops game works.  You know.  You get really close to a baby so they can only see one eye instead of two.  Every time I brought it in, she did too, lol.  She's a pro.  Keep an eye out because she's heavily featured in the photos on this next design (and it's not for babies, lol).

Meanwhile, in the world, I've continued my efforts to become more organized.  So far it's a lot of work but I see an improvement.  I've begun to regularly take notes using an ap for my Kindle so I don't have to worry about where I put my list.  I have a lot of stuff to do every day and I rarely make it through my entire list, but at least I can keep track of it all and decide to change the order-of-importance as I see fit.  I also had the missionaries over this week to give me a blessing and I'm feeling much more confident in my abilities.  Sometimes you just need that little extra boost.

I also found a link to a Mormon Mom Planner.  I think this might just be the lifesaver that I need to get things fully under control, especially since it has places for all of the things I need to remember to do (the things most other planners don't allow me to track very well).  I'm very much a visual person so having sections for Family Home Evening and family scripture study right in the planner will be the visual cue I need to remember them.  I ordered mine as soon as I saw that the entire curriculum is included (because I'm always forgetting what lesson I'm on...ALWAYS!).  I'm really looking forward to this coming in the mail, lol.

And on that note, I have to go start dinner before Alex starts to rebel (more than usual).

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