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Friday, July 19, 2013

So much going on

It's been a while since I took time to post and there's just been a whole heck of a lot going on.  I wasn't too sure how much I should share because this was all very personal.  Unfortunately I have almost nothing to share on the knitting/design front, other than knitting more hexipuffs.  Turns out I have quite a few in pink, green, and blue.  I need to make a few more in yellow, orange, and neutral shades. 

But anyway, I have been riding an emotional roller coaster this week because with the help of my cousin, I found my biological father and I spoke to him for the first time on Monday night.  It went very well and we've been exchanging messages via Facebook, sort of getting to know each other.  It's a delicate process given that I'm 36 years old now, lol.  I can say that I've discovered that I really am an only child, that I'm Cherokee Indian (probably enough to register), and that my grandmother was 6' 1" so that answers a few questions, lol.  He comes from a large family so there are plenty of aunts, uncles, and cousins to get to know over time. 

This exciting (and confusing) development was tempered by a clerical mistake in the manager's office of my apartment complex, which resulted in a constible showing up at my door to erroneously serve us with eviction papers.  I have never been so stressed in my life (well, not in a long long time) and I'm still emotionally exhausted over it.  Everything has been sorted out and we're going to be okay but it was really scary and I hope to never experience that again.  Needless to say, with all this excitement, the chest searing acid reflux attack brought on by the stress, and the oppressive heat wave we're experiencing here on the East Coast, I'm just not sleeping very well.  Critical thinking is all but non-existant and I've got a major project due this week.  It'll all come together (like it always does) but it won't be a fun process. 

Now I'm going to turn my air conditioner again, eat some more of the banana based ice cream I made last week, give up on trying to do more  homework tonight, and watch old episodes of "My Name Is Earl" before going to bed.

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