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Friday, July 26, 2013

Starting something new

You know what I do when life gets a little too busy?.. I start something new, lol.  I'm a habitual-project-starter but not really a project-finisher.  Things got a little heavy this week and I found myself dealing with some long buried pain from my childhood.  It's amazing what a simple comment from a well-meaning person can dig up.  So after struggling to get centered again, I decided to start a new project.  That one's not pictured here, lol.

I started knitting a pair of thrummed slippers for the shop.  We're getting a new yarn in this fall that's grown and milled in America and it's AMAZING.  I love it to death and I'm buying several skeins once we get it in stock to knit my husband's Slade cardigan.  So you're probably wondering why I'm not currently knitting those slippers if I love the yarn so much, and the reason is that the slippers are knit double-stranded and it's killing my fingers.  I needed something to work on while I recuperate, and that got me thinking about the mittens I promised my cousin a few years ago.

My baby cousin (who's a full grown woman now) is the detective who located my bio-dad and she asked me if that act was enough to earn her that pair of mittens now, lol.  Of course it is.  I totally forgot that I own two skeins of Madeline Tosh chunky in stunning colors so I went into the store and bought this amazing skein of Ella Rae Lace Merino Chunky in color #508, which in the skein just looks like a yellow skein that fell into a vat of black by accident and then they just decided to go with it.  But when you knit with it?!!  It's the warmest, deepest, richest, most complex brown you've ever seen.  You need this color in your life. 

I've knit and ripped this here mitten at least five times, but I just don't care because it's still pretty and soft and smooth, and I never get tired of watching the color play out.  This stitch pattern looks just like bark and it's really really easy to do.  I think I might write it up when I finish.  Hopefully she'll love these but if not, I have no problem keeping them for myself :)

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