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Monday, August 12, 2013

It's all hats, all the time

When last we met, I'd started a new pair of mittens and I was struggling to get them just the way I liked them.  Little did I suspect that I would run out of yarn and find myself unable to match that color.  I fell into the trap that many of us do when working with hand dyed yarns; the dyelot was too different to match my original skein.  The other skeins are so drastically different that there's just no way I can make it work with what I have.  My choices are a) rip all the way back and start again alternating skeins as I go, b) start over with my original color and knit plain stockinette mittens, hoping I'll have enough to finish the set, or c) start over with a completely different yarn and use this skein to knit a hat.  I'm leaning toward c, but that's probably because I'm now obsessed with knitting hats.

As I may have mentioned, I'm one of the Young Woman's leaders at my branch and I decided one day that I wanted to knit something for the girls.  I was thinking of knitting mittens, but I saw one of the girls struggling with her hat one afternoon and that's when I knew what I had to do, lol.  I've been knitting hats like it's my job ever since.  In the last week, I've knit four but per usual I gave two of them away without taking the time to get a decent photo first. 

I knit Wurm for one of the girls and I gave it to her immediately! Here's a lousy iPod shot of here in that hat.  I knit the Zig-Zag Chevron hat for one member of a set of twins.  Then I knit a hat inspired by a hat by Alex Tensley (she's amazing!).  I didn't have enough yarn to knit the exact hat so I used hers as a starting point and made a few adjustments.  If you purchase this hat through Ravelry, there's an e-book that includes another version and I'm looking forward to knitting that little gem too.  I actually knit, ripped, re-knit, re-ripped, and finally re-re-knit this hat until I got it right.  The scalloped hat here is the result and it's for the other twin.  See what I did there?..  They match but they aren't the same, just like the twins :)  

I also finished a hat that was inspired by Jane, by Jane Richmond.  She's another one of my hat-designing-crushes.  I love all of her hats and I could seriously knit every one of them.  I just might.  It's a simple stitch to knit, and it looks much harder than it is, so when you give it to someone they think you've killed yourself trying to create it, lol.  Sort of reminds me of that old rice krispy treat commercial where the mom is in the kitchen with a glass of iced tea and a book, then tosses some flour on her face and comes out with her pan of krispy treats looking worn out and disheveled.  The family never knew it only took a few minutes, lol. 

Anyway, I'm going to try to get a photo of Natalia wearing her Jane-ish hat.  And in the mean time I've started working on Pressed Leaves for another girl.  I'm pretty excited about this one, but it's harder on my hands to knit.  I think the results will be well worth the effort and the Candlewick Madeline Tosh Vintage is the perfect color for this.  Here's a little peek:

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