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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

And we're back

We are back my friends, and we're happy to be so.  It was surreal out there. 

People have been asking me if I had a good trip, and you know...it's hard to answer that question.  It was complicated.  There was good and there was bad; more good than bad so I guess it was a good trip.  I met my father in person and that was difficult.  It wasn't the meeting I was hoping for, for many reasons that I won't go into here.  What I will say is that I have answers to a few questions I've always had, and I have closure.  I won't be traveling out for any holiday visits.

I also spent time with my mom who hasn't seen Alex in many years and wasn't prepared for the handful he can be.  He spent way too much time sitting in a car seat or plane seat and he hasn't had therapy for weeks so he was really off and his behavior showed that.  I did my best to keep the kids out of my mom's apartment so that they could get some activity in, and we could let her pets relax for a few kid-free hours.  My mom also had some stress she was unaware she was dealing with, and it made it pretty hard for her to put up with Alex's perpetual motion.  I totally get it, so I did my best to manage things for everyone (like I tend to do at home).  It was tense but it all worked out in the end.

After my visit with my father and his brand new wife (whom he married on the very day, in the very same hour that I was scheduled to meet him), I decided that I needed to salvage the rest of my trip by showing the kids where I grew up, went to school, where my oldest was born, and some other cool sights in California.  We had an old fashioned donut (a real one, not one of those lame cake donuts with no frosting they have out here on the East coast).  We went to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield.  We went to Carl's Jr. and Jack in the Box.  We had a blizzard at Dairy Queen (it wasn't anywhere near as good as I remember).  We went to Chico where I got to meet Yarn Yenta in person and have a picnic with her family in Bidwell Park.  We had Mexican food with a good friend.  And most importantly, we went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and road the rides.  It was AMAZING!  The park is featured in the movie The Lost Boys (which you need to watch right now if you haven't yet...go ahead, it's on Netflix).  We love that movie so it was a lot of fun to show the boys all the things that were used in the filming.  That was a really really long day, but I'm glad we did it.  I got my moneys worth out of that rental car.

Anyway, life was waiting impatiently for me when I got back and I'm trying very hard to get back to my routine.  The clean laundry was still sitting in the baskets unfolded.  The dishes piled up while we were gone.  The food I'd cooked for my husband was mostly uneaten and I had to put it away in the freezer first thing when I got back.  I'm still not unpacked.  I have a major project due tonight and a YW activity.  I'm teaching a lesson this week, and work has asked for some extra hours if I can spare them.  I'm swamped, but I need the extra hours.  Seminary started this week so we're getting up at 5am to drive Dante to Providence every morning, and then I have to come home to get Alex off to school.  The schedule is brutal.  I knit almost nothing while I was in California and I'm not getting much done now that I'm home.  No sweaters were made (or even started), but I did buy a little local sock yarn while I was out.  It's better than collecting shot glasses, right?

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