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Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall is in full swing

all done except the zipper
I am so sorry!  I didn't realize that a full month had passed since my last post.  Things have been so busy around here and there just didn't seem to be very much of it that was blog-worthy.  I've been struggling to get Alex's school to implement the correct behavior plan for him and had to resort to writing it myself.  I'm happy to say that we are seeing improvement already.  Things have also been very busy with the Young Women and I've recently taken on a much more active roll.  I read this talk from the October 2013 general conference, and it really got me thinking.  I've been feeling very inspired and like I have the power to change the world, which is very welcome given the way I'd been feeling after the mess of the last election where I was starting to feel like being a woman was no longer the blessing I'd always thought it to be.  Now I'm back on track and working with the entire branch-worth of youth to make some behavioral changes where necessary (just on my own here...no one asked but I felt like it was the right thing to do) and I'm pleased with the small changes I've seen so far.

what I'm working on (that I can show you)
Fall sneaked up on us this year and I've been so busy that I haven't been able to put the full effort into it like last year.  I haven't made one spooky treat yet!  We did however get out and go pick apples with my friend Denise.  It was a little expensive at the farm, but I have to say that these apples are definitely worth the price!  I bought the half-bussel bag and we picked three varieties of desert apples.  So far I've made mini apple tarts, an apple pie, apple cider with mulling spices that I also made from scratch (very good, should have used less ginger), and I'm going to make apple sauce and apple butter.  The apple cider was amazing!!  So much better than anything I've bought anywhere else and I can see that my juicer will be getting more use in the future.

I am also in the process of trying to transfer out of Kaplan and into Salve Regina, which means that I'm chasing moving parts right now.  It's a lot harder that I thought to get my letters of recommendation done, and I don't think my transcripts have been received yet.  I really need to make this switch as it will make a huge difference in my ability to find work after I graduate.

And finally, it's finals again and I'm struggling to get my project finished.  This one is really tough because the professor is asking us to write a case study and describe how the person's life development lead to the development of a handful of phobias.  We can't explain how normal development goes and then talk about how this client went awry.  We have to only address a developmental stage if it directly relates to their issue.  That is much more difficult than it looks because there just aren't enough research articles that address the question he's asking and I've had to approach this from several different angles just trying to get it done.  Every time I run into a wall, I try to work on a different section.  It's a mess and I sincerely hope it works out.  Meanwhile my apartment will be re
novated next week and this project has kept me from being able to start packing (and naturally the men in my household don't see the need to start packing) so I'm dealing with that stress.  By the time I write another post, I hope to be able to say that I passed my assignment and that I'm writing from the comfort of a newly renovated apartment.

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