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Monday, November 4, 2013

Late Halloween wrap-up

This Halloween just didn't feel like Halloween.  I don't know why.  Maybe because my apartment was (and still is) a shambles.  Maybe because we didn't have the time to carve our pumpkin.  Maybe because between finals and the renovations, I never got a chance to bake any spooky treats.  But what ever it was, it just didn't feel the same.  I hardly even got to watch any scary movies because getting up at 5am requires me to go to bed a lot earlier than before.  It just wasn't the same.

We did manage to still have a good time.  I went out and picked up a few of the girls and we all went Trick-or-Treating.  Unfortunately, everyone must have gone out at 6 pm because by the time we got out at about 7:30, there were hardly any T-o-T'ers and there weren't very many porch lights on.  It worked out alright for us anyway because that allowed Alex and Paula to basically run the streets without any fear of being run over or getting lost in a crown, lol.  I walked along behind them dressed as the evil Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty), directing their activities with a waive of my staff.  This costume is fantastic!  Everywhere we went, people just stared (and you can't blame them when you consider that I'm about 6' 6" with my hat on).  The kids and I all had a great time and then we went back to my cluttered apartment to get the car and drive the girls home.

When I finally got the ladies home (at about 10 pm), I found one of the neighborhood cats stalking what looked like a huge mouse.  When we got closer, I could see that it was a little baby bunny and that cat was just about to pounce on it when I swooped in.  I picked this little thing up (he was about the size of a squirrel minus the tail), and stood there in the rain while we tried to figure out who he belonged to.  Unfortunately, he didn't seem to belong to anyone and I couldn't just put him down in the bushes (more cats came and they were circling like sharks) so I had to put him in the car and take him home.  I handed him to one of the girls and he calmed right down.  After I dropped her off, I put him on my lap and called my mom.  She told me to get a medicine dropper to feed him, which required me to hit up the 24-hour Walgreens...which meant that I had to put this little guy in my purse because I couldn't leave him in the car.  So there I was, standing in a Walgreens dressed like Maleficent with a bunny in my handbag.  The guy at the counter who cashed me out didn't even blink an eye (bless him).

I got home and mixed the bunny up a batch of kitten milk with stuff I had in the house (and it was a miracle that I not only had all the stuff I needed, but that I could find it).  He ate several times and snuggled with me for a while until I could get Eddie's cat carrier set up for him.  He was the sweetest, cutest little thing.  Naturally I had to get rid of him as fast as humanly possible because I couldn't keep him and I knew I'd want to.  And Eddie didn't like him at all.  And he didn't like Eddie either (which is understandable considering a cat just tried to kill him earlier). 

The next morning I called an animal hospital, who told me to call the East Providence animal control.  They came out to look at him and declared him a wild bunny who had been tamed (a crime) and said that I'd need to call the SPCA to see if their rehabilitator could work with him to release him back into the wild.  He didn't like it when the officer held him (not at all), even though he'd been extremely gentle.  I took him back and he climbed up under my chin to snuggle.  The officer said that he thought animals could sense a mother.  I think that he knew I'd keep him safe. 

I called the SPCA and spoke to the woman.  When I got him down there, she took one look at his feet and said that he was a domestic bunny with the markings of a wild bunny.  He was definitely a little guy.  She was surprised at how relaxed he was when I took him out of the cat carrier and how sweet he was.  She decided to foster him, and I went to fill out the paperwork (I knew none of the answers).  Wouldn't you know, even though I only had that bunny for 15 hours I still managed to get attached to it.  Probably because of how sweet he was, and the fact that I randomly stumbled on him and saved him, and how I just happened to have exactly what I needed to feed him through the night, and how attached he was to me when he didn't much like anyone else, and how I somehow knew he was male.  I know I was meant to see him to a good home.  I even got to name him; we called him Frank.

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