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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And so it begins (Christmas prep that is).

Days 1 and 2
The day I've been waiting for for weeks now has finally arrived.  I put out the Lego City advent calendar and Alex is loving it!  Every day there is a little mini-figure to build and eventually it will create an entire cityscape.  The box shows the city flap being left on the rest of the box (with the toys) and played with, but I know Alex well enough to know that he won't be able to resist opening other boxes if I let him play with it like that so I cut the play mat off and placed it on the table.  The advent box is stuck to the wall using 3M supplies, lol.

Day 1 gave us this little police officer with a coffee cup.  Day 2 gave him a nice toasty fireplace.  Day 3 he got a best buddy to play with, and today they must have gone outside to play in the snow because we got a snowman.  Coincidentally, I just watched the Doctor Who Christmas special from 2011 with the evil snowmen in it, so I'm a little unsettled by that lego snowman (and glad that I didn't let Alex watch that one). 

Day 3
Meanwhile, we don't have out tree up yet but that should happen soon.  I should probably at least pull out the Christmas decorations; they're in a bin sitting in my dining room.  I hate to admit it, but I don't like to put them up because you get used to looking at them and it really brings out the joy of the season...and then January comes and you have to take it all down.  The house looks cold and depressing afterwards, just like January.  January has the nerve to put it's holiday right on the first day of the month, and then it's all snow and cold and wind and nothing fun for the rest of the month.  All the other months have the decency to put their holidays somewhere in the middle or toward the end, so you have something to look forward to.  It's all about the timing folks.

But never fear.  I'll get the apartment decorated soon enough.  And we'll continue to watch Christmas cartoons every day.  And I'll make fun holiday treats each week.  And I'll continue to fool myself about what I can knit in time for the holidays, only to find out I was wrong because I have to get homework done too, lol.  My husband is getting last Christmas' unfinished socks this year.  Alex is getting that sweater I knit him a few months ago (if I ever get the zipper put in it), and I'm hoping to finish Dante's long-neglected Tardis socks.  I've almost finished the first one and should be able to get the second done in time.  I'll be sure to report back if that actually happens.

Day 4

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