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Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's almost here, and I'm not ready

Elder Fowler wearing a hat I knit (for someone else)
Nothing is wrapped.  There will be no knitted gifts this year.  The gingerbread house is not made.  There's no peppermint bark, or peanut butter fudge, or festive chex mix.  There are only endless supplies and not enough time to get it all together.

The last two weeks have been very hard for us all.  There have been a lot of changes, Alex struggled through the last two weeks of school, and Dante's seminary schedule is killing me.  I can't keep up with the few things I'm doing this year and that's a definite source of stress for me.  Teenage rites-of-passage have thrown our household into disarray.  My family has been ill for weeks and weeks, and now I've finally caught it. 

Yesterday my plan was to come home after teaching class and relax by baking gingerbread so that the boys could help decorate it when they got home.  Instead I came home to a mess in the kitchen that I had to clean first, and then laundry to fold before I could find a seat on the couch.  But after all that was done I found the time to bake a batch of butterball cookies for Aaron, make homemade butter for my Father-in-law, make several batches of hot cocoa mix, and bake a semi-successful loaf of bread for the first time.  I didn't have any bread flour so I had to use all purpose flour and the bread didn't get as light and fluffy as I'd hoped, but it wasn't a brick like loaves in the past.  I'm going to try again with the right supplies and see what happens.

And as I sit here writing this post, I'm thinking about how I'm supposed to be chaperoning a Youth temple trip but I had to back out at the last minute.  I was up half the night coughing and I just don't have the energy to do it.  I kept Dante home as well to help me with Alex today.  We'll go another time, but I still have that feeling like I should be somewhere else.  I even got dressed up to go but between how I'm feeling and how Alex is feeling, it just wasn't happening for us today.  Maybe we'll be able to get that gingerbread house baked today.  That would definitely make Alex feel better :) 

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