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Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter Storm Nemo prep

Well, it seems like there have been more and more of these big storms coming through.  New England is preparing to be hit by a blizzard which has been compared to the blizzard of 78 (which apparently hit on Feb 6th of 78 so the timing is interesting).  We have all the food we'll need if we get stuck in the house for several days, and our stove is a gas stove so we have a good supply of hot drinks and hot food.  I'm charging everything with a rechargeable battery right now, and pulling out the camping lantern we bought when Sandy came through.  My only concern is that if the power goes out, we'll be sitting in a cold house for however long it takes them to get the power back on. 

Now, being a knitter means that we're pretty set for cold weather but usually you can come inside after a few hours out and warm up.  I've got plenty of comforters and small lap blankets.  We all have at least one hand-knit sweater (some of us have more than one, lol), and hand-knit socks.  I keep a box full of hats.  I've got scarves and neckwarmers aplenty.  And I guess we could pile Alex into our bed if necessary (and lets hope it doesn't come to that because no one will sleep).  I think we're pretty well covered but it's the mom in me that makes me anxious.  Maybe I'll feel better as soon as my school's website stops doing their scheduled maintenance so that I can go in and print out my homework assignments.  I need to be ready to work offline if necessary.

And speaking of offline work, I've been knitting a new pair of handwarmers...because simply repairing the ones I have would just be too easy.  These are the Camp Out Fingerless Mitts by Tante Em (a free pattern on Ravelry).  They're so cute and so simple, and take only one skein of Noro Kureyon (and I've got LOTS of that yarn, and suspect that some of you do too, lol).  They're worked from the top-down and are really easy to customize if you need to.  The pattern is quite simple and a lot of fun, plus they work up fast.  I haven't done much knitting the last few weeks, and I finished one of these between sessions in various waiting rooms, and while watching tv at night.  I found them to be a little tight for my own liking so I'll be making a few adjustments to the numbers and trying again.  Otherwise I've knit them exactly as written and I love how they came out.  I added a thumb though, because I really like having my thumbs covered.  When I knit the second one, I'll write down the changes I made so that others can make changes too if they wish.  I've got an 8" hand circumference and these are a bit smaller than that.

So in summary:  snow storm, potential power outage, Camp Out Fingerless Mitts.  Enjoy.