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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sock madness round 1

this colorway is Big Fun, in the Jest Sock base from Play At Life Fiber Arts
 You may or may not have heard about Sock Madness 7 by now.  If I remember correctly, I mentioned it in the last post.  This is my sock-in-progress and I'm almost finished with this one.  That secures me a right to continue on into further rounds but I know I can finish the pair before the deadline. 

I did some poking around in the group and found that we would be split into teams based on how quickly we finish these.  I'm not sure how long I can continue on because I start my Statistics course on Wednesday the 20th and last time that took every spare second I had (although to be fair, I was working a full time job back then so there may be hope for me after all).  I also read that each pattern should get more challenging than the last so that'll be fun.  I haven't met a sock yet that I couldn't knit.  Maybe this'll be the time.

In other non-school-week news, I've been reading books on the Kindle Fire I got around Christmas.  I love that thing to pieces!!  I always resist technology until I just can't anymore and then I cave, and then I wonder why I resisted in the first place.  I've read six books since I got it!  It's small and fits in my purse and I can take it everywhere so I've always got a book handy.  And another cool thing is that I can knit and read at the same time because this lays flat so I have both hands free to hold needles!  This solves my problem of knitting vs. reading.  Now I just have to avoid downloading more books than I'll ever read.