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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Dutchman has sailed

You know, this morning I was reading some of the several dozen blogs that I follow and I was thinking of how "together" these bloggers are.  Some of these folk are masters of social media!  I love to read their blog and find out what they're doing and what's new in terms of their design businesses.  And then I got to thinking about my blog.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm doing this all wrong, lol.  But you know what?  I have no immediate plans for change because a wise woman once told me during a class that my blog was like my kitchen table, where I invite my readers in to sit with me for a spell and share some stuff about myself. 

I use this blog more like a journal than a business tool, and I like that.  After all, I was blogging well before I was designing.  This is a space where readers are welcomed into my home to sit and knit with me while I talk about my family, work, school, and other stuff.  And although readership isn't high, I sort of like the intimate feel of it all.  It's really hard to blog when you really have to consider that the subject of your post may be reading, or they might hear about it later.  Things get a lot more dull as the blogger picks up readers, lol.  For example, there is a well known blogger/designer who will remain nameless (and who I adore) who used to share the best little stories about people at her gym or her LYS knitting group, but as she got more and more popular those stories had to go away :(  I know I'm nowhere near that level of popularity, but I always try to remember that the internet is forever so I don't share things I would not say out loud. 

It is also harder to post these days when a lot of my knitting is secret.  I've made that transition.  I knit samples for other designers and yarn companies, and then I have to sit on them for months and months at a time before being able to share.  I also have had a few submissions accepted which means more of the same.  So how do those other designers do it?  Well, I believe that they work way ahead and then they can always have something new to show, even if they had to wait six months before they could, lol.  But it's a long, boring rode to that point.  Luckily for you dear reader, I've got lots of Alex-related stuff to talk about, lol.  Ooh, and the occasional contest or baby sweater that I actually can show you. 

And in the spirit of that, I am happy to announce that I advanced to round 3 in Sock Madness!!  My completed Flying Dutchmen are on my feet as I type this.  I believe my team may have been the first to finish this round, and now I'm back to working on a secret project that at this point is way way overdue.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Making nice progress

As you can see here, I've hit the foot and I'm making good progress.  Actually, I've started the toe but I'm too lazy to take a more recent photo, lol.  Unlike the last pair, I hit gauge this time so the finished socks will actually fit me.  I'm looking forward to wearing them.

I'm also making pretty good progress in my Graduate Statistics course.  This professor is AWESOME!!  She has her own YouTube channel with a huge list of video tutorials that have made a big difference in my level of confidence.  It's hard to go wrong when the instructor emails the links to the necessary videos right to your inbox, lol.  It'll take a lot of hard work for me to fail this course.  She even have us templates for the assignments, with instructions to "delete nothing" and "type the answers right in this space".  Seriously.  How can I screw that up?!  And another cool thing?!...the program we're using is one that we will be using in the field so when I finish this class I can add SPSS to my resume and greatly increase my shot at getting an interview!  I love how my professor related everything to how it will apply in the field.  She's the best, lol.

Now, I just have to remember how positive I feel about her today when I'm working on the final project :)