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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The payoff!

This is my new buddy wearing the sweater I knit for him.  He wore this home from the hospital (what an honor!) and then they came in to see me at work yesterday and he was wearing the other sweater!!  I couldn't be more thrilled.  I love covering babies in wool and I love when their mothers put them in the sweaters, lol. 

Back to this sweater.  This is the Puerperium Cardigan.  I've posted about it before but it definitely deserves repeating.  This is the cutest, funnest, simplest little baby sweater and it's a great use of that one beautiful skein of handpainted sport weight yarn that lots of you have languishing in your stash right now.  I used Play At Life Fiber Arts in Boundless Sport for this (my go-to indi-dyer). 

Then there's this sweater.  It's the sock yarn sweater by Hannah Fettig (my go-to top-down designer).  Again, I used a skein of fingering weight yarn from Play At Life Fiber Arts.  And do you see that hat on his head?  It's an eyebrow hat, which works out because he doesn't have much by way of eyebrows, lol. 

In other news, I finally got my drivers license renewed so I am a legal driver again, AND I put down a deposit on a used Camry.  If things go as planned I'll be driving again by the middle of next week :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Strathmore for the Knit Picks catalog

As you may know, I occasionally knit samples for Knit Picks.  Last October I was asked if I'd be interested in knitting a DK weight cardigan for their upcoming catalog and I said "why not" lol.  I worked on this little beauty for a few weeks, blocked it carefully, and sent it off to await the day when I could reveal it here.  It took a long, long time, lol.  So after six months, I'm happy to show you the Strathmore cardigan by Joan Forgione.  The sleeve construction is different from anything I've done up to now, picking up stitches and working short-rows to create the sleeve cap.  It made a beautifully tailored sleeve and was well worth the effort.  My only issue with the pattern was that it asked me to decrease or increase so many stitches evenly over the row, and sometimes there wasn't any way to do that evenly given the number of stitches currently in the row.  To fix that, just get in as many as will fit into the row and work any remaining increases/decreases on the following row.  Worked like a charm. 

The attached i-cord along the edging makes a clean finish, and I love the cord that feeds through the ribbing at the back.  This is a very sexy little knit and the yarn itself was lovely to work with.  It has a nice sheen that works well in this piece.  The actual color was quite a bit more gray than it appears in these photos though.  Over all, this is a very cute knit for spring.

Now, here are some of the photos of this very cardigan (cause I actually knit the one she's wearing in the photos, lol) before it went on to become a famous catalog item.  (My photos are a better representation of the color of the sweater.)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Crawling to the finish with Greenhouse

This weekend I went out Yarn Crawling and had a great time.  I have a few good knitting buddies that I go to church with and we go out together, getting into trouble.  This photo represents my haul over the two days, but you may notice that about half of it is all from one vender.  I hit the Play at Life Fiber Arts booth pretty hard this weekend and I should be set for a while (until the next festival, lol).  The skein on the top right of the screen is one that Alex just had to have, and the one below that is Dante's pick.  The bright yellow below those is mine, as are the three skeins to the left of those.  But I did buy the light pinks for my friend Denise who had to work at the shop all weekend and didn't get to go out on the crawl.

The culmination ceremony was at Mt. Hope Farm in Bristol this year and it was a neat little spot.  We had food venders on site and I spent a ridiculous amount of money for a grilled cheese sandwich for Alex and a mushroom burger for myself.  We all got cupcakes from the cupcake truck and they were well worth the money I spent on them.  The only complaint was that it was so windy and cold!  We weren't really dressed for that and so we froze as we ate outside.  But it was plenty warm and cozy in the barn.  They even had the local spinners guild there demonstrating how to spin with drop spindles and wheels.  Alex got a quick spinning lesson from a gentleman there who showed him how to ply his simple yarn into a bracelet that he's been wearing since we got back.  He's very proud of his work :)
Alex also had a great time at the Play at Life booth, lol.  He kept picking up the rainbow roving, even though I kept telling him that I already had one of those in that very color, lol.  He's also been asking me all morning about spinning again.  I think I might have a spinner on my hands here, which is great for me since I'd rather knit the yarn.

Meanwhile, as I was out on the yarn crawl my teammates were knitting their little fingers off and I got bumped out of the competition for SM7.  I did however finish the socks and I posted them to the group.  Since I made it through the first round, I'll still get each subsequent pattern release and I can play along if I wish.  And seeing that I've restocked my PAL stash, I think I will :)

So, without further ado, here are my completed Greenhouse socks.