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Monday, May 20, 2013

Way to start the morning

This is going to be an interesting day.  We woke up bright and early (6:30am) to take Alex off to therapy before school.  He was actually still asleep when I got up and I was bummed out at having to wake him.  I've learned to let sleeping Alex lie, lol.  All things considered, he did pretty well this morning and we got through therapy without any fussing or whining.  We also got back home and off to school without having to make the obligatory stop at Dunkin Donuts. 

After dropping him off, I hit the market to prep for dinner tonight.  I've got all four missionaries joining the three of us (Aaron will be at work) for dinner so I needed to come up with something to feed 7 people.  I opted for Taco Soup.  It's a favorite with everyone but Alex.  He'll be eating mac n cheese most likely, lol.  So anyway, I get to the checkout and remember that my store loyalty card is on my keys, in my purse...in my house.  I grabbed my wallet on the way out and left the rest.  Usually they'll put in a card for you if you don't have yours, but today she didn't so I didn't get the sale price on anything I bought. 

Once I got all the groceries back in the house, I logged onto the computer to see what was new with the world.  I stumbled on a poorly written article that took one line from a scientist's (supposed) interview and used it to spin a propaganda article saying that ADHD is a fake disease.  I took exception to the article.  A whole heck of a lot of exception.  I was down right pissed off.  It would be one thing if the entire article wasn't a blatant plagiarism of the other article.  It would be another thing if that original article had produced even one shred of evidence or a scientific study to support their claim.  It would be even yet another thing if they had stuck to the topic they addressed in their title.  It turned into a conspiracy theory about Germans and pharmaceutical companies and secret government organizations, and none of these things in any way connected to what they said in the title.  Maybe it all got lost in translation somewhere from Swiss to English?!  All I know is that I was taught how to do a proper research article in school and rule one was to consider the source.  Look for respected scientific and medical journal articles, look at the backgrounds of the authors, look at who they are affiliated with.  And when I did that, I could see that this article wasn't worth the bandwidth it was using.  But it still angered me because I know that many others don't have that same training and will take this article as fact, which it's not.  It will do more harm than it will good. 

So, now that I got a straight shot of adrynalin to start my morning off, I'm going to try to focus my energy (while it lasts because I've been tired for days and days) on my final project.  It's due tomorrow and I just started it this morning.  That's why I'm blogging now, lol.  You know the pattern.  Hopefully I'll be back soon with something I can show you.