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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I have been having a very itchy day folks.  I started taking a medication for my nails about 3 days ago and it turns out that I'm allergic to it.  I've never reacted to a medication before but I sure did this time.  Anxiety, adrenaline, and a nice bright red rash to go with it.  I couldn't get a good photo of it (it's probably for the best anyway).  So needless to say I'll not be continuing with that pill anymore.  I was hoping to take the easier way out to fix an issue I'm having with an ingrown toenail but looks like I get to go to the pediatrist and have him take the cutters to me.  I've done it before and it was painful (and not too successful) so I had hoped to avoid doing it again but no dice.

Thankfully, Stella Marie Soap Shop was still open when we closed for the day and I went over to see Kim, who took great care of me.  She has the best creams and lotions and they're all natural so they don't irritate my already irritated skin.  She gave me a shea butter lotion that I put on and the redness has reduced quite a bit.  I'm looking forward to getting into the tub with the almond milk bath bomb to see if that will help some too.  Probably won't hurt ;)

Meanwhile, school is rolling along for me but the boys will finally be out.  Tomorrow is their last day.  I know friends back in California who've been out for a solid month by now but we're still going.  Sigh.  I'm happy that I won't have to get Alex up and out of the house, and walk him to school every morning, but I will also lose those quiet hours where I could focus on homework and watch a scary movie once in a while before everyone else came home or got up.  At least this summer I'm mobile again.  We can take some trips to the library or the park, or maybe even the beach this year if we plan things right.

And speaking of planning things right, I'm very close to finishing the wedding shawl and I only have a few days left to work on it so I'm going to go back to it.  Photos soon!